Legacy Society Honor Roll of Donors

The ALA wishes to recognize the following individuals who have made the decision to generously include the Association, a division, round table, scholarship or program in their estate plans:

Anonymous (3)
William G. Asp**
Susan D. and Roger  Ballard**
Robert E. Banks**
Peggy Barber*
Anne K. Beaubien**
John W. and Alice M. Berry**
Katharina Blackstead**
Irene L. Briggs**
Francis J. Buckley, Jr.
Michele V. Cloonan & Sidney E. Berger**
Trevor A. Dawes**
Carol Pitts Diedrichs**
Ellen Fader**
Janice Feye-Stukas**
Carole & Stan Fiore*
Shirley Fitzgibbons
Barbara J. Ford*
Julia Gelfand & David Lang**
Carolyn Giambra**
Ruth I. Gordon*
William R. Gordon*
Ellin Greene*
Dr. Ken Haycock**
Nann Blaine Hilyard*
Pam Spencer Holley
Suellen Hoy
Alexia Hudson-Ward**
Richard L. Huffine**
Dr. Em Claire Knowles**
Nancy Kranich
John A. Lehner
Sarah Ann Long**
Shirley Loo*
Geri Hansen Mann**
Carse McDaniel*
Regina Minudri
John N. Mitchell*
Virginia B. Moore**
David Mowery**
Jim & Fran Neal**
Robert Newlen
Sylvia K. Norton
Joyce L. Ogburn & Steven A. Eichner**
Kimberly Patton**
Mary Jane Petrowski**
Larry Romans & Mike Morgan**
Molly & Ted Raphael**
Frances R. Roscello
Robert F. Rose
April Roy
Patricia Glass Schuman
Helen H. Spalding & Karl F. Johnson**
Roberta & George Stevens**
Peggy Sullivan*
Teri Switzer
Ann & John Symons*
Ruth & Jay Toor*
Betty Turock*
William L. Turner, Jr.**
Beatriz Pascual Wallace**
Patricia A. Wand**
J. Linda Williams**

* Charter Member

**ALA Legacy Member/15x15 planned giving campaign


The ALA wishes to take this opportunity to honor the memory of those friends who remembered the association in their estate plans and whose bequests were realized since the 1990s:

Estate of Leo Albert
Estate of Arthur Curley
Estate of Emily Cloyd
Estate of Mary Ruth Y. Duncan
Estate of Ruth Frame
Estate of Eleanore Futas
Estate of Florence Gambino
Estate of Reiza Gaunt
Estate of Helga Herz
Estate of Gerald Hodges*
Estate of Sara Elizabeth Mitchell
Estate of William C. Morris
Estate of Jeraline N. Nerney
Estate of Margaret "Peg" Oettinger*
Estate of Mildred Othmer Peterson
Estate of Lee Wheeler

* Charter Member