Resources for You and Your Patrons

  • ALA E-Government

    Based on input and suggestions from the library community, the ALA Committee on Legislation (COL) has identified E-Government as an important legislative initiative. As government agencies at the local, state, and federal level increasingly move to the online world to directly provide services, tremendous opportunities and demands have been created for libraries.

  • GoDirect Campaign

    The U.S. Treasury Department’s Go Direct campaign is a national public education campaign that informs Americans of the Treasury’s move to make all federal benefit payments electronic. The Treasury is requiring everyone who receives federal benefits, such as Social Security, by paper check to switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013. The Go Direct campaign gives organizations the tools—ideas and free materials—to spread the message about electronic payments and help people sign up.

  • Information Policy & Access Center: “Public Libraries and E-Government” (PDF, 4 pgs.)

    Public libraries provide an essential link between government and citizens. As government information, services, and resources become digital – in many cases, digital only – public libraries serve as critical community gateways to electronic government (Egovernment).

  • LibEGov.org

    This site has been designed with the goal of helping libraries to better meet the e-government needs of users and aims to foster collaboration among libraries and government agencies. Its current focus is on federal information about immigration and taxation.