Social Media & Digital Content Creation

3 Free Visual Marketing Tools for Your Library, October 1, 2018
Blog: TechSoup
Discusses three resources to create animated videos and other e-content to market your library for free or low-cost.

Engaging Patrons with Library Podcasts, October 6, 2017
Website: Public Libraries Online
This article is about podcasts further embedding themselves into popular culture. Public libraries have become active producers of podcast content through workshops for patrons and library-hosted programs.

Live from Your Library: A Look at Periscope, Facebook Live and Google Hangouts On Air, June 13, 2016
Blog: TechSoup
This post discusses different livestreaming services that can help promote programs and allow patrons to attend off-site.

What Brands Can Learn From The New York Public Library's Instagram Stories, October 10, 2018
Website: Forbes
This article focuses on how NYPL is using Instagram for content creation to reach out to their community (their specific focus is on Insta Novels).