Working with Community Groups

Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries
Website: The Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries
The Aspen Institute report, Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, includes valuable information on community building.

Building Meaningful Relationships through Community Engagement
Article: Public Libraries Online
Article focusing on the importance of community engagement including tips and best practices.

Community Engagement and Fundraising
Webinar: American Libraries Live
Panel discussion on building productive community relations.

Get Out of the Library: Embedding Librarians in Our Communities
Article: American Libraries Magazine
Article that discusses the benefits of “embedded” librarians within community groups.

Putting the Public Back in Public Libraries: Community-Led Libraries
Webinar: OCLC WebJunction
Case study of four Canadian libraries that focused on finding ways to be relevant to the needs of underserved communities.

Effectively Collaborating with Other Libraries and Partners
Article: Techsoup

This Techsoup article discusses the benefits of collaboration with examples of what partners and libraries can do well. Quick downloads include a Planning for Success Cookbook and a Planning for Success Toolkit.

Community Reference: Making Libraries Indispensable in a New Way
Article: American Libraries Magazine
Amy Long, Colbe Galston, Elizabeth Kelsen Huber, and Katherine Johnson talk about different ways that you can build a relationship with other organizations, embed librarians around your community, and provide better services.

Working with Community Action Groups: Local Activism Series
PDF: Raising Voices
Raising Voices workbook provides steps for finding and deciding on community action groups (special focus on groups for women). 

The Little Library that Could (and Did!)
Webinar: Big Talk From Small Libraries
This recorded conference presentation discusses the effect a small library can have on a town in New York.