Careers in Public Librarianship

Why We Are Public Librarians

Leslie Steiner

Are you looking for new sales prospects to impress your boss? Do you need a special recipe to please your mother-in-law? Is your history paper due tomorrow? Or, do you want a good book to read?

Librarians are trained information specialists who know the library's resources. They can ask the right questions to help you find what you need, on paper or online. The movies are filled with larger-than-life heroes like James Bond and Lara Croft, but, remember, there are everyday heroes who can save the day, right here @ your library.

Here's why some of our everyday heroes became librarians:

Image of Bob Blanchard, Roberta Johnson, and Hector Marino

Bob Blanchard, Head of Community Services

"I like helping people, doing research, and being an 'answer person.'"

Roberta Johnson, Readers' Services Librarian

"I grew up around libraries. My aunt was a music librarian, and my college roommate worked at the university library. I was really hooked when I discovered that the library is more than the fiction department; it's an art gallery, a crafts center, a music and dance performance space, and a cultural center for all ages, races, and incomes."

Hector Marino, Coordinator of Computer and Technical Services

"I was pleasantly surprised to learn how much I enjoyed librarianship and discovered that my language and computer skills worked very well in the library science field."

Image of Dodie Frisbie and Heather Jordan

Dodie Frisbie, Mobile Library Driver/Clerk and Library School Student

"I had gone to a bookmobile as a child, so, on a whim, I applied for the job of Mobile Library Driver/Clerk. After awhile, I realized that working in a library is what I should have been doing all along. For a person who loves books, this is heaven."

Heather Jordan, Part-time Processing Clerk and Library School Student

"At the end of college, I had a long talk with a relative who is in the library field. I decided to give it a whirl and found that library work was interesting. I started library school and realized that this is the right place for me."

Image of Amber Cregar

Amber Creger, Library Assistant and Library School Student

"I wanted to learn how to promote literacy within the community, and going to library school will equip me with the necessary tools."

Image of Veronica Schwartz, Petra Hollibaugh, and Katie Rao

Petra Hollibaugh, Youth Services Librarian

"It allows me to work with people of all ages, as opposed to a classroom teacher, for example, who works with one age group or a set age group at a single time."

Katie Rao, Library Assistant and Recent Library School Graduate

"It is the greatest opportunity to learn about everything. You have a world of information around you and patrons asking you to help find it and understand it."

Veronica Schwartz, Head of Youth Services

"I became a children's librarian because I wanted to work in an environment where I could share my love of facts and fiction, a place where children were the most important people."