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Public Library Association members enjoy a myriad of benefits that keep them in the know about the latest library trends and topics. Chief among those benefits is a subscription to Public LIbraries, the only ALA magazine devoted exclusively to public libraries.

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  • Articulate and thoughtful articles on current library issues
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  • Effective strategies that can make a difference in your career and at your library
  • In-depth information and updates from PLA and ALA

Public library workers are challenged to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their communities and patrons. Staying informed is a necessity if you are to grow in your profession and contribute to your library’s success. If you are not a member of PLA and would like to subscribe to Public Libraries submit the subscription form below. For a limited time, May 21–July 3, 2019, you will receive a 20% discount! (Standard price is $65 for one-year subscription; $52.00 with this promotion). Discount offer available only to U.S. residents.

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