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For a limited time, PLA is offering a 50 percent discount on 5 or more subscriptions (that’s $32 per a subscription!) to Public Libraries, PLA's official peer-written, peer-reviewed magazine. This is a great opportunity for you to share this valuable publication with your trustees and ensure they're up-to-date on best practices, innovative ideas, and trends for public libraries.

Public Libraries offers:

  • Articulate and thoughtful articles on current library issues
  • Innovative ideas and expertise from industry leaders
  • Real-life case studies about library programs and services
  • Effective strategies that can make a difference at your library
  • The latest news and events from ALA and PLA

To take advantage of this offer, print and fill out this form to send with your payment by August 31, 2014. Questions? Contact Kathleen Hughes, at khughes@ala.org.