Public Libraries Cover Posters

Each issue of Public Libraries features a unique illustration created by artist Jim Lange from Evanston, Ill. We hope that whenever an issue arrives in a mailbox, it stands out from the bills and the junk mail as a little bit of art wrapping a lot of good content. The illustrations range from serious to silly, but always support reading and public libraries.

We heard from a lot of you that the March/April 2013 cover was one of your favorites—so before you rip the cover off and pin it to your wall, order a 12x18 poster instead! Two versions are available—with the Public Libraries masthead and without. The cost is $9.99 + $4.00 for shipping and handling.

Three easy ways to order:

  1. Fax order form to 312-280-5029
  2. Mail order form to PLA, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL, 60611
  3. Call Kathleen Hughes, PLA Publications Manager, at 312-280-4028

Public Libraries Cover Poster with Masthead Public Libraries Cover Poster without Masthead