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In today’s competitive environment, every decision and every dollar counts! To ensure the best use of your library’s resources, you need the best information available. That's where PLA publications can help. As a member, you receive the greatest savings on PLA publications, which cover a wide range of public library concerns and issues.

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For Library Administrators and Managers

Of special interest to public library administrators and managers:

The PLA Reader for Public Library Directors and Managers

Specifically designed to accommodate the frantic pace of the busy public library professional, this essential new title provides clear, practical, and accessible guidance for tackling prevalent topics and challenges in the library world today. Information-packed chapters cover important topics including:

  • Advocacy basics
  • Tips for retaining and motivating high-performing employees
  • Improving directorship
  • Library communication
  • Intellectual freedom matters
  • Technological applications and more.

Price $65
ISBN: 978-1-55570-684-5
Order via Neal-Schuman Publishers at 866-NS-Books or at

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