Public Libraries Feature Article Contest

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Awards cash prizes to the authors of the best feature articles written by public librarians and published in the previous year’s issues of Public Libraries magazine.

Congratulations to our recipients for articles published in 2016!

Articles published in 2017

Feature articles submitted or published in 2017 will be eligible to compete for two cash prizes. The winner of the feature article contest will receive $500; honorable mention receives $300.

Criteria for eligibility are:

  • Author(s) must be a public library employee(s) at the time the manuscript is submitted.
  • Articles must have been submitted or published in 2017.
  • Articles must be feature length. Verso and Perspectives contributions will not be considered.

The articles will be evaluated and winners will be chosen by members of the Public Libraries Advisory Subcommittee. Manuscripts and supplemental materials must be submitted through the online Public Libraries Editorial Manager.

Questions? Please contact Kathleen Hughes at