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On-demand webinars are archived recordings of previous PLA webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.

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Making Banned Books Week Work in Your CommunityMaking Banned Books Week Work in Your Community
A FREE on-demand webinar in partnership with ALA OIF
Panelist: Kristin Pekoll

Banned Books Week (BBW) has been a mainstay in American libraries for over 30 years. This annual event brings together communities in support of the freedom to read and to express ideas, even those considered unorthodox or unpopular. Some libraries have been celebrating BBW for decades and feel like they are "preaching to the choir," while others have steered clear of stirring up controversy. This free on-demand webinar from PLA and the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) shines a light on these and other barriers to successful participation in BBW and focuses on solutions to keep your library’s involvement fresh, relevant, and meaningful to your community. More…

Project Outcome logo FREEMeasuring the Impact of Digital Literacy Services with Project Outcome & DigitalLearn.org
A FREE on-demand webinar
Panelists: Crystal Schimpf, Shauna Edson, Tommy Hamby & Scott G. Allen

PLA has two free tools that can help you provide and measure digital literacy services. DigitalLearn.org provides tutorials on essential basic technologies designed for use in library patron training, and also offers the ability to create a custom site branded for your library. Project Outcome provides simple survey tools to measure the outcomes of digital literacy programs and services. This free on-demand webinar shows you how to use both of these tools together to augment your digital literacy training and measure the impact your digital literacy services have in the community. More…

Opioid Crisis Town Hall: Library Needs and Responses
A free event jointly organized by PLA & WebJunction

Panelists: Vanessa Christman, Kim Fender, Rachel Fewell, Shawn Cunningham & Hadi Sedigh

On September 12, 2017, PLA and WebJunction held a virtual town hall, where representatives from libraries and other community organizations described their local efforts and who they’re collaborating with. Audience participants were also asked to describe the informational, structural, financial, and emotional support that library staff and community members need to withstand and address this alarming epidemic. You can now access the recording, slides, chat, and related links for the session on WebJunction at http://www.webjunction.org/events/webjunction/opioid-crisis-town-hall.html.


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Retired Recordings

The archived recordings of some webinars no longer available on-demand may be found in the online ALA Institutional Repository at https://alair.ala.org/handle/11213/375.


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