Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Public libraries have a unique and unparalleled ability to bring people and knowledge together, and PLA is committed to helping libraries achieve their mission through the core values of openness and inclusiveness. In February 2017, PLA formed a Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), which will work to strengthen the organization’s commitment to its core values, while ensuring issues of EDI remain a top priority.

About the PLA Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The task force has been charged with developing a strategic and coordinated approach for PLA related to EDI issues. The task force will explore methods and consider resources to be developed that will allow PLA to take a multifaceted approach. Task force activities include but are not limited to: making recommendations for how EDI content is integrated into PLA programs; elevating successful libraries as models to generate and share best practices; identifying ways PLA might influence equity and inclusion within public libraries; and helping libraries serve diverse communities and staff.

Updates on the PLA EDI Initiative

Continuing Education

Understanding Power, Identity, and Oppression in the Public LibraryUnderstanding Power, Identity, and Oppression in the Public Library
A FREE on-demand webinar
Panelists: Katie Dover-Taylor, Jody Gray & Amita Lonial

In alignment with ALA’s strategic direction on equity, diversity, and inclusion, this on-demand webinar provides an introductory understanding of the concepts of power, identity, and oppression, and how they impact public libraries’ staff, services, programs, collections, and spaces. Through presentation and dialogue, the panelists discuss the role of allies in addressing these concepts. More…

This on-demand webinar is also an excellent primer to the PLA 2018 preconference, “Understanding Identity, Power, Oppression + Liberation: A Justice + Equity Training.”

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