Civic & Community Engagement

Website iconCivic & Community Engagement
Website: Urban Library Council
Urban Library Council list of libraries and programs that have civic and community engagement.

PDF iconPublic Libraries and PBS Partnering to Enhance Civic Engagement: A Study of a Nationwide Initiative, 2013
PDF: Public Libraries Quarterly
Anthony Cocciolo examines the question “Can libraries act as places for promoting civic engagement through the use of socially and culturally significant documentaries?”.

Webinar iconCivic Engagement in Your Library Community: A Guided Tour of the Book-to-Action Program and Toolkit
Webinar: Infopeople
Sally Thomas and Mary Menzel is an archived webinar which introduces you to the Book To Action program in California along with real library examples and explanations.

Website iconLesson Plans
Website: Library of Congress
Library of Congress lesson plans for Civics and Government lessons which can easily be adapted for library programs.