Readers’ Advisory

Book iconThe Readers' Advisory Guide to Nonfiction, 2007
Book: ALA Editions
This hands-on guide by Neal Wyatt includes discussion of reader’s advisory methodology, nonfiction bibliography, key authors, benchmark books with annotations, and core collections.

Book iconThe Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction, 2009
Book: ALA Editions
Expert readers' advisor Joyce Saricks offers groundbreaking reconsideration of the connections among genres, providing: key authors and themes within 15 genres; an explanation as to how the different genres overlap; and, the elements of fiction most likely to entice readers.

Webinar iconUsing Social Media for Reader's Advisory, 2015
Webinar: Infopeople

Article iconThe State of Readers' Advisory, February 2014
Article: Library Journal
Article on the current state and delivery methods of reader’s advisory services.

Book iconGenreflecting: A Guide To Popular Reading Interests, 2013
Book: Libraries Unlimited
Resource book by Cynthia Orr for LIS students and practicing librarians who want to better understand readers, reading interests, and fiction and nonfiction genres.

Website iconEarlyWord: The Publisher | Librarian Connection, 2016
Website: EarlyWord
EarlyWord posts information on the topics you need to know about. New titles, hold alerts, readers' advisory on popular titles, bestseller lists, author discussion, and chats with other librarians are all available on EarlyWord.

Website iconRA for All: Training Library Workers to Help Leisure Readers, 2016
Website: Becky Siegel Spratford, MLIS
The blog RA for All is written by librarian Beck Siegel Spratford with the intention to provide training to other librarians so they can help leisure readers. Find blog posts about readers' advisory topics, book reviews, pub alerts, and more.

Website iconWhat Should I Read Next?, 2016
Website: Thoughtplay Ltd
What Should I Read Next analyzes the favorites list of all its members in order to recommend the best next read for any book. Enter a book you like and the site will analyze its huge database of real readers' favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions.

Website iconGoodreads, 2016
Website: Goodreads Inc.
Goodreads is a popular book review website which allows users to make book lists, track read books, and see what friends are reading. Book ratings are completely based upon user reviews and recommendations.

Website iconBookish, 2016
Website: Bookish
Articles, reviews and lists with the goal of providing more information about books, authors, and genres.