DigitalLead: Rural Libraries Creating New Possibilities

Application Preview

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of DigitalLead: Rural Libraries Creating New Possibilities. Below is a preview of the information you'll submit in the application.

Section 1: Contact Information (Required)

  1. Contact Information:
    • First Name, Last Name of staff person responsible for grant application
    • Library Outlet name, Library System Name
    • Address
    • City/Town
    • State
    • Zip
    • County
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
  2. Library Website (URL)
  3. Library Service Population
  4. IMLS Locale Code (must be 41, 42, 43)
  5. Library Social Media Handles (If you library has social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., please include the handles so we can follow you and your programs online and amplify your messaging.)

Section 2: Library Background

Tell us about your library. (250 word limit for each question.)

  1. Using the most recent US Census and other data, briefly describe the demographyics of the community served by the library (e.g. languages spoken other than English, unemployment rate, reduced lunch rate, etc.)
  2. How have library programs, data collection and community engagement helped you determine the needs of the populations you serve and what are some examples of how you are addressing them? (Surveys, anecdotal, collection development, circulation, etc.)
  3. What are the current digital access and literacy programs offered at your library? (e.g. programs and services such as public access computers, digital skills training offered one-on-one or as classes, Wi-Fi hotspot lending, or other programs.)
  4. Indicate the package option that best fits your library’s need and capacity to implement (select only one):
    • Package option #1: Wi-Fi Hotspots (Read the full description here [link])
    • Package option #2: Desktops/Laptops for Training (Read the full description here [link])
  5. If you selected Package Option #1, how many Wi-Fi Hotspots do you hope to receive? (Qty 1–11)
  6. If you selected Package Option #2, how many machines do you hope to request? (Your estimate will help PLA determine its capacity to support multiple libraries; if your application is successful, we will work with you to determine the number and type of machines you receive.)
    • Desktops
    • All-in-ones
    • Laptops

Section 3: Implementation

Please answer the questions below based on the Package Option you have selected.

  1. INTENDED PROGRAM/SERVICE: Tell us how you intended to use the resources (Wi-Fi hotspots, or new computers) in your library programs. Please describe whether you will expand an existing program, or create a new program; describe your staff capacity to use the new hardware and the space allocated to store it. Why do you think your program will be successful? What if any challenges to you anticipate in implementing your program? (Up to 500 words.)
  2. PUBLICITY/PROMOTION: How will you publicize and promote this project within the library and to the community at large? Please describe opportunities through the library’s regular communications (print, email, social media, radio, tv, or other), as well as any new efforts you will make, and any partners in the community who will help you reach your intended audiences. (Up to 250 words.)
  3. IMPACT MEASUREMENT: How will you measure the impact of your programs? Please indicate how you typically gauge the success of your programs and what you will to do know if your Wi-Fi hotspot lending or digital literacy instruction programs are successful. How will you evaluate awareness of you services, gains in confidence and knowledge, and successful application of any new skills? Please also indicate if you currently use Project Outcome, PLA’s free outcome measurement toolkit, or would be willing to start using Project Outcome. (Up tp 250 words.)
  4. SUSTAINABILITY: What are the opportunities for you to sustain your program? Please indicate if the library has resources and capacity to sustain the new equipment and programming, and/or if the library has ideas about community partnerships, grants, or other strategies to help sustain the programs and services initiated through this opportunity. (Up to 250 words.)

Section 4: Confirm & Submit

  1. Is your library located in the United States (50 states or the District of Columbia)
  2. Is your proposed program or service free of cost (including deposits) for attendees to participate?
  3. If selected, will you be able to order and activate the new hardware in your library within 60 days upon receipt of acceptance?
  4. If selected, will you be able to implement your intended programs or services between October 2019 and March 2020?
  5. If selected, will you be able to share photos, video, or other relevant media of your funded program in local and social media, as well as with PLA?
  6. Do you have prior approval from your library's administrative unit to implement this program? Verification may be required upon request.
  7. I affirm that all of the information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  8. PERSONAL DATA NOTIFICATION POLICY: The ALA (American Library Association, its units and divisions) (collectively “ALA”) use the personal data you provide to the ALA to process membership, inform you of products, services, conferences, education opportunities, events and for other purposes which are within the Association’s mission. To accomplish these actions, ALA contracts with third-parties who gather and process personal data to complete interactions such as online purchases, conference registration, and fulfillment. The personal data as provided is processed and stored as a legitimate Interest to the ALA in order to fulfill your requests for information and services from ALA. Additional information can be found at

Applications will be accepted through September 23, 11:59 PM Central. Please contact the DigitalLead: Rural Libraries team at (Leighann) or (Scott) if you have questions.