Turning the Page Online

What Do Previous Participants Say About the Course?




Previous participants said they enjoyed many aspects of Turning the Page 2.0*:

  • The online convenience and being able to work at my own pace
  • Being able to use a real advocacy project customized to my own library's needs
  • Real world examples in the online modules
  • The Advocacy Work Plan template and being forced to plan

Previous participants had these things to say about Turning the Page 2.0*:

  • "It was one of the best library-related online experiences I have had."

  • “The course in general was so rich, you added valuable information to us and sure I will never forget that. The idea of putting our thoughts in order to form a work plan is very exciting.” (from an Egyptian participant)

  • “I cannot recommend it highly enough. It has changed not just how I advocate for our library, but how I think about things here in general. It is a good investment of time and energy.”

  • “As a library director, this course reinforced things I already knew but didn’t know how to implement.”

  • “This advocacy program really is making an impression on me.  [In a meeting with potential donors the other day] they asked me to answer some questions and I could, thanks to this program. The next day I got a personal visit from a potential donor who wanted to compliment me on my presentation.”

  • “I really enjoyed this course and your training. I think it's a really good tool for focusing on what's needed to plan for the future; something we all need to seriously be doing with so much happening in the library world.”

  • “Because of this course, I've decided that I should not only present reports to my Board of Trustees, but also to the Board of Selectmen in my city. I'm totally jazzed to have re-realized that most of our public officials like the library, but are often under-informed about its needs. I believe this course is further honing my public speaking, relationship building, and 'asking' skills.”

Selected Success Stories:

  • A recent participant wrote to us about how the Turning the Page 2.0 course helped her: "I recently presented our needs to a local community foundation. We received approval for up to $30,000 in materials for six brand new computers, new furnishings in our children's library and materials for our existing security system!"
  • Four different participants have used their Advocacy Work Plans and what they've learned in this training to land jobs--two as a library managers and two as library directors.
  • Yet another participant has recently developed friendships with two people in the community who have a great capacity to donate toward her library's fundraising campaign, when the time comes.

Additional Information

For more information about Turning the Page Online, please email pla@ala.org.

*Turning the Page 2.0 is the six-week, facilitated version of Turning the Page Online. It was offered during 2011 and 2012 by PLA. The content for Turning the Page Online is the same as the content for Turning the Page 2.0. If you are interested in hosting a local Turning the Page 2.0 training program, please contact pla@ala.org.