Turning the Page 2.0

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How Do I Register?

You must register separately for the optional in-person kick-off and the online portion of the course. See the remaining dates to register.

Register for the Optional In-Person Kick-Off

The kick-off events will be held as preconferences at select library conferences around the country. Registration for the Turning the Page 2.0 preconferences will be handled through each host organization’s conference registration.

Registration is free for the preconferences; however you may need to register for the association conference at which it’s held. See below for links to conferences now accepting registration. There are no residency restrictions for the regional events. You may attend the kick-off event in any location if it corresponds with your chosen online session.

Register for the Online Six-Week Course

The online, six-week course is FREE, and is open to any public librarians, library staff, or supporter. Neither ALA nor PLA membership is required. All participants must register for the online portion of the course. See below for open registration dates. Before registering, please make sure your computer meets the required tech specifications. We know it is tempting, but please do not begin work on Turning the Page online until you have had your facilitated introduction. This will help you get the most out of the program, and avoid doing double work.

Remaining Dates

2012 OPTIONAL In-Person Kick-Off Event

Corresponding 2012 Online Course Dates

September 19, 2012
North Dakota Library Association, Fargo, North Dakota.


(not required in order to participate in the online training)

Week of September 24–Week of October 29, 2012


Registration is full.

Virtual Classroom Session Scheduling

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be directed to a survey that includes a question about your preferred times for the weekly virtual classroom sessions. Following your response, PLA will place you in a cohort and send you a class schedule. Scheduling options for the autumn session are the following (for the weeks of September 24 through Oct. 29):

Tuesday 10 - 11 am CT
Wednesday 9 - 10 am CT
Wednesday 3 - 4 pm CT
Wednesday 6 - 7 pm CT
Thursday 11:30am - 12:30pm CT
Friday 10 - 11 am CT
Friday 2 - 3 pm CT
Saturday 10 - 11 am CT

Additional Information

For more information about Turning the Page 2.0, please email Lynn Slawsky at lslawsky@ala.org.

ALA members can still register for the self-paced, unfacilitated version of Turning the Page online. For this version, you will need your ALA membership credentials to register (for the facilitated version you do not).