PLA Webinar Proposal

Want to be part of PLA's successful online continuing education program? Submit a proposal for a webinar! Proposals must be submitted online using the form below. Asterisk (*) indicates required field for final submission of a proposal. Primary contact's (i.e. Instructor 1) name, e-mail address, title/position, and library/institution are required before an in-progress proposal can be saved as a draft. Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Prior to submitting a webinar proposal, please review the following:

Webinar proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis, with responses sent within 6–8 weeks of submission. If accepted, submitted information may be edited for style and clarity by PLA staff. If you have any questions or need assistance with this form, please contact

Selection Criteria

Proposals are reviewed by PLA staff and member volunteers, which use the following criteria to evaluate each proposal:

  • Description Does the description clearly, with sufficient detail, outline the proposed webinar?
  • Learning Outcomes Are the audience learning outcomes clear, specific, and practical?
  • Innovation/Significance Does the content offer fresh, memorable ideas, methods, or resources?
  • Relevance Is the content relevant to public library professionals?
  • Format Appropriate Does the content lend itself to an engaging online presentation?

Proposal Form Preview

To complete the proposal form you'll need the following information:

  • Proposed title;
  • Description (limit 250 words);
  • Learning outcomes (what participants will know after the webinar, not what they’ll do or topics to be addressed during the webinar);
  • Type of audience (all public library staff; library directors and administrators; etc.) and knowledge level of audience (no previous knowledge; some knowledge; extensive knowledge);
  • Name, e-mail address, title/position, library/institution, brief bio (limit 150 words each), and Twitter handle (if any) for each instructor;
  • Photo of each instructor (at least 150 pixels square; JPG or PNG only);
  • Instructors' relevant qualifications and experience with the proposed webinar's topic;
  • Instructors' previous experience with online teaching and/or presenting; and
  • Whether or not you've presented the proposed content as a webinar or in-person (and if yes, then sample slideshow, archived recording, etc. if available).

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to complete this proposal over multiple sessions (i.e. "Save Draft"), then you must log in to the ALA/PLA website before you enter or edit any data. You will then be able to save your in-process proposal and return to it later. To log in, click "Login" in the upper right corner of this page, then enter your ALA website login and password. If you don't have a login or have forgotten it, you will have the option to create or retrieve it on the "Login" page. However, logging in to the ALA/PLA website is not required to submit a proposal if you're completing the proposal in a single session.