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On-demand webinars are archived recordings of previous PLA webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.

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Creating Accessible Presentations for PLA 2018 and BeyondCreating Accessible Presentations for PLA 2018 and Beyond
A FREE on-demand webinar
Instructor: Carli Spina

This webinar offers practical recommendations for creating accessible presentations for the PLA 2018 Conference and beyond. Learn how to design presentation materials that are accessible and to deliver educational content, including facilitating discussion, in a way that reaches all audience members. Includes specific advice on slide structure, font choices, and file formats, and provides examples of the accessibility features of popular presentation software options. More…

Project Outcome logo FREEWorking with Partners: How to Plan for Collaborative Outcome Measurement
A FREE on-demand webinar
Instructors: Emily Plagman, Sarah Hamfeldt & Marra Honeywell

Are you starting a partnership or have an existing partnership and want to measure the results of your combined efforts? A collaborative partnership is about having a common goal around better serving the ever-changing needs of your community and measuring outcomes can help you and your partner identify better ways to align your work to deliver more impactful community-based services. This on-demand webinar focuses on how to plan for collaborative outcome measurement with a partner, with a focus on partnerships between libraries and schools to stop the summer slides. More…


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You can preview some of our on-demand webinars before you purchase! Just look for a "PREVIEW AVAILABLE" label. Previews are limited to a brief portion near the beginning of the recording. If an on-demand webinar you're interested in doesn't have a preview, then e-mail us at plawebinars@ala.org and we'll try to provide one.


Most on-demand webinars are approximately one hour in length, and are priced at $28 each (less 10% discount for ALA/PLA members) for individuals and $119 each (less 10% discount for ALA/PLA members) for groups, unless otherwise stated. If access to an on-demand webinar will be shared with multiple people—viewing either on an individual basis or gathered together in a single location—then the group rate applies. You'll have access to the webinar recording for one year from date of purchase.

Any on-demand webinar labeled "FREE" can be viewed immediately at no cost by an individual or group.

On-demand webinars are intended for the sole use of the purchaser, whether an individual or group. Redistribution or rebroadcast to another individual or group other than the purchaser is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.


PLA does not award credit hours, or CEUs, for its on-demand webinars and cannot verify participation.

Retired Recordings

The archived recordings of some webinars no longer available on-demand may be found in the online ALA Institutional Repository at https://alair.ala.org/handle/11213/375.


If you have questions or problems accessing a recording, send a message to plawebinars@ala.org, or call 800-545-2433 ext. 5PLA. If you have a physical or communication need that may affect your use of an on-demand webinar, please contact us prior to purchasing. Without prior notification of need, we cannot attempt to provide appropriate accommodations.