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On-demand webinars are archived recordings of previous PLA webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.

Library staff who find themselves with extra time to learn during the COVID-19 crisis have reached out to PLA about educational opportunities. Whenever possible, PLA has provided resources at low or no cost to PLA members and others working in public libraries. Many of PLA’s on-demand webinars are free, each denoted with a green “Free!” icon below the title.

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Maximizing and Measuring Virtual ProgramsMaximizing and Measuring Virtual Programs
FREE on-demand webinar
Instructor: Emily Plagman


As libraries are expanding their online efforts in response to COVID-19, library and program outcomes should also shift in order to build the strongest and most impactful instruction. In-person opportunities often bring with them advantages of seeing patrons reactions to learning and subsequent micro-improvements that can be made to improve a program. Without “seeing” a full room, presenters are more limited in their ability to understand how participants are responding. Additionally, there is no longer a home field advantage of an in-person program, and online learning introduces a new set of external factors that could distract participants from taking full advantage of the virtual program. This on-demand webinar is designed to help libraries develop targeted outcomes to use when designing online programs to maximize the learning opportunities and measure the resulting value of them from attendees. More…

Using Social Media Listening to Adapt Your Library for COVID-19Using Social Media Listening to Adapt Your Library for COVID-19
FREE on-demand webinar
Instructors: David Vinjamuri & Thom Kennon

This on-demand webinar will help viewers understand how social media listening tools like social dashboards can be used to gather insights on a local community’s reaction to isolation and self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. Also learn to use these insights to adjust services and plan programs that address active community needs. More…

Virtual Platform Possibilities – Providing Digital Skilling Resources for PatronsVirtual Platform Possibilities – Providing Digital Skilling Resources for Patrons
FREE on-demand webinar
Instructors: Brandy McNeil, Mikhail Valentin, Jennifer Morgan-McGregor & Scott Allen

Library staff face an unprecedented challenge of providing more digital skills programming, and in some cases, for the first time virtually. In PLA’s recent survey of more than 2,500 public libraries, 61% reported that they are adding virtual programming and 41% are expanding online virtual reference help. Two of the greatest needs of those surveyed are expanding e-services to patrons, especially those with limited internet access, and meeting anticipated higher demand for services for those most impacted by the crisis. In this on-demand webinar, digital literacy experts discuss ways to offer or expand virtual digital skill development programs for patrons and staff, and support technology training in a virtual environment. Learn about resources and ideas from PLA, The New York Public Library’s TechConnect program, and Microsoft Teams for programming and productivity. More…

Public Libraries Respond to COVID-19: Free Webinar SeriesPublic Libraries Respond to COVID-19: Free Webinar Series
Six FREE on-demand webinars

PLA is committed to providing information on the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 to PLA members and others working in public libraries. The recordings of PLA's recent webinar series featuring updates on the current status of the pandemic, examples of how libraries are dealing with closures and serving their communities virtually, and opportunities to share and learn from each other are freely available for viewing:

  • The Current Landscape
  • Successful Ways to Work Remotely
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Innovative Solutions in Times of Crisis
  • National Survey Result
  • Strategies for Advancing Digital Equity


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PLA 2020 Virtual Conference On-Demand logoPLA 2020 Virtual Conference On‑Demand Sessions

The PLA 2020 Virtual Conference consisted of live programming on Thursday, February 27 and Friday, February 28, including five 60-minute programs each day. Programs were chosen from among the highest rated in PLA’s session preference survey. These on-demand sessions are archived recordings of those five programs. More…

How to Be a Webinar Superstar!How to Be a Webinar Superstar!
Instructor: Dr. Steve Yacovelli

Find yourself working remotely these days? Or perhaps you already do work remotely but are looking for a way to amp up your online delivery game? In this on-demand session, Dr. Steve Yacovelli shares his best practices for both creating and delivering stellar online meeting content. From creating your visuals and story for your audience to delivering your message live to your audience, these tips will make anyone wanting to polish their webinar delivery shine like a superstar. More…

Equal Access for Every AbilityEqual Access for Every Ability
Instructors: Terri Carroll, Bill Sattler & Emily Callahan

The mission of every public library centers around providing access to information and services to everyone who visits its branches; but increasingly patrons are interacting with libraries through apps, social media, and websites. Is your library’s digital front door as easy to enter as your physical one? Are there virtual obstacles that make your library less inviting to visitors with limited abilities? More…



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Retired Recordings

The archived recordings of some webinars no longer available on-demand may be found in the online ALA Institutional Repository at https://alair.ala.org/handle/11213/375.


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