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On-demand webinars are archived recordings of previous PLA webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.

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Cultural Intelligence: A PLA Webinar SeriesCultural Intelligence: A PLA Webinar Series
A two-part series
Presenter: Marla Ehlers

You've heard of IQ and EQ, but what about CQ? Cultural Intelligence (CQ) refers to our ability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and even organizational cultural boundaries. Part 1, "Building CQ: Fostering Our Cultural Intelligence," defines CQ and explains the four skills which form the cultural intelligence framework: Knowledge, Motivation, Interpretation, and Behavior. Part 2, "Applying CQ: Shaping Culturally Intelligent Libraries," explores how CQ can shape library policies, services, and programs in ways which help staff and users bridge the culture gaps and cross the cultural boundaries of our ever-changing communities. Each on-demand webinar in this two-part series is available separately, or purchase access to the series at a discount. More…

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The Public Library’s Role during Elections: Voter Education in the Age of MisinformationThe Public Library’s Role during Elections: Voter Education in the Age of Misinformation
FREE on-demand webinar
Presenters: Haley Samuelson & Nate Gass

This presentation equips librarians to gather user-friendly information from reliable and nonpartisan sources, allowing libraries to offer an invaluable, evolving resource tailor-made for their communities. By exploring resources—everything from a glossary of common terms used during elections to campaign finance information—this on-demand webinar helps librarians gather the most useful information in addressing their community's needs. With a focus on citizenship and voting, librarians will learn to serve their diverse populations in a nonthreatening and nonpartisan way. More…

Project Outcome logo FREEMeasuring the Success of Health Programs and Services
FREE on-demand webinar
Presenter: Emily Plagman

Public libraries are critical to their community’s health, serving as a go-to resource for individuals to access current and reliable health information. Public library staff have a deep understanding of the unique needs of their communities and the value of serving their patrons’ health needs. Now all they need is the data to prove just how valuable those services are. In this on-demand webinar, participants learn how Project Outcome’s new health survey help public libraries measure the success of health programs and services. Participants also discover helpful resources and training tools to enhance their health services. More…


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Retired Recordings

The archived recordings of some webinars no longer available on-demand may be found in the online ALA Institutional Repository at https://alair.ala.org/handle/11213/375.


If you have questions or problems accessing a recording, send a message to plawebinars@ala.org, or call 800-545-2433 ext. 5PLA. If you have a physical or communication need that may affect your use of an on-demand webinar, please contact us prior to purchasing. Without prior notification of need, we cannot attempt to provide appropriate accommodations.