PLA at 2016 ALA Annual Conference Program Proposal

2016 ALA Annual Conference logoProposal Preview

For your convenience, listed below are the questions that comprise the online proposal form:

Session Information

  • Program Title
  • Session Format—single speaker, panel, speaker(s) with group discussion
  • Estimated Audience Size
  • Description of proposed session (100 words or less)


Please identify three (3) takeaways for your session. Takeaways should use active verbs, be measurable, and state what the participants should know or be able to do after attending your session; they should not simply repeat topics that will be addressed. Takeaways should begin with the phrase "At the end of this session, participants will..." They should be achievable and realistic given the length and scope of the proposed session.

Additional Information

  • Subject Categories (identify no more than 5 subject categories, or potential program tracks, from a predefined list of options)
  • Has this session been submitted for consideration at another conference or event?
    • If yes, please describe
  • Has this session been presented at a previous conference?
    • If yes, please describe
  • Is this session being sponsored by a PLA committee or other PLA unit?
    • If yes, please specify the committee/unit
  • Is this session being co-sponsored by another ALA Division or unit, or do you plan to seek a cosponsor?
    • If yes, please specify the name of the cosponsor
  • Preferred Date and Time (2 choices from predefined lists of options)

Program Organizer and Speaker Information

As the submitter, you are automatically listed on this page; however you will not have been assigned any roles. You may update your information and assign yourself the role of program organizer or speaker or both. Or you may delete your name and assign other people to those roles.

Speaker profile Information (for each speaker that you add)

  • Name
  • Work Address
  • Daytime Phone
  • E-mail
  • Title
  • Workplace or Affiliation
  • Does the individual work in a library?
  • Is the individual an ALA Member?
  • Will the individual require financial support? (if qualified according to PLA Policies)
    • If yes, please specify (select from a predefined list of options)