Getting Started in ALA Connect

ALA Connect offers a rich connection to your PLA membership and the community of PLA members. As a virtual community, it provides opportunities for long distance discussion, sharing, and learning. Here's how to get started in ALA Connect.

As a PLA Member, there's no need to sign-up for ALA Connect—you’re already in there! Each ALA/PLA member has a simple profile set up in ALA Connect.

To log in to ALA Connect, visit and enter your ALA website login and password. If you’ve forgotten your login information, visit for assistance.

Once you are logged into ALA Connect, all of your committees, member groups, and affiliations (such as divisions) will be listed for you in the left hand sidebar: committees in the "My Committees" section, informal member interest groups in the "My Communities" section, and divisions in the "My Divisions" section. There's a very helpful Frequently Asked Questions about "Groups" in ALA Connect we recommend you review.

Also, if at any time you have a question, take a look at ALA Connect Help. Chances are you’ll find the answer there!

Make it yours

ALA Connect offers numerous opportunities for customization. By managing your profile, you can add a photo, tell others about yourself, manage your e-mail notifications, control your privacy settings, and more. Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Login to ALA Connect and click on "Yourfirstname's Account" in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select “My Profile” in the drop down menu.
  2. Select the “Edit” tab to reveal a header that lists the options for adding profile content and managing account and privacy settings. Personal contact information is listed as it is recorded in the ALA Membership Database (note: phone number and e-mail address are not visible to the public).
  3. Add additional details you would like to share, including a picture (85 x 85 pixels; maximum size 30kb).
  4. Manage your e-mail notifications about new content added to your communities.

Want more from your ALA Connect?

Search “Member Communities” to join groups that focus on special topics. You can join a discussion and connect with other members that have similar interests or jobs. Ask people to join your network—find friends, colleagues, and classmates throughout ALA Connect.

A note about privacy

You’ll directly control your privacy settings through your ALA Connect profile. By default, all affiliations are displayed and are visible to the ALA Connect community, but you have the option of hiding your divisional, section, roundtable and community affiliations/memberships with the click of a button. Keep in mind; however, because ALA Connect functions as an online Handbook, you cannot hide your committee appointments.

To find out more about privacy options within ALA Connect, please read


Contact Julianna Kloeppel, PLA Program Coordinator, at 312-280-5026 or; or visit ALA Connect Help—the link is located in the upper right hand corner on ALA Connect.