Connect @ PLA (Public Library Association)

Your place to Share ♦ Ask ♦ Brainstorm ♦ Chat ♦ Learn ♦ Connect with other PLA members!

Connect @ PLA is a virtual community built for PLA personal members to share knowledge and seek assistance from colleagues on any topic related to public library service. Post ideas, questions, links to interesting information—anything you wish to share or engage over.

How do I join Connect @ PLA?

All personal members of PLA are automatically members of Connect @ PLA which is located in the PLA (Public Library Association) group hosted in ALA Connect, the online member community site of ALA. To find Connect @ PLA, you can go directly to, or when logged into ALA Connect, click “PLA (Public Library Association)” under the “My Divisions” section of the left hand sidebar. Get started with some simple instructions from PLA.

Screenshot showing location of link to PLA (Public Library Association) community under My Divisions

Who will be able to view and join the discussion?

Posted content is only visible to other PLA members visiting Connect @ PLA; therefore only other PLA members will be able to respond and comment.

If you like, you can choose to make a post public so that nonmembers will be able to respond and comment on your post.

What’s the best way to stay up-to-date on the discussions in Connect @ PLA?

We recommend you request e-mail notifications of posts to the group, so new posts and comments will be sent directly to your in-box. If you’re not used to logging on to ALA Connect each day, this is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything. To receive e-mail notifications, click on "Yourfirstname's Account" in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then select “Edit My Notifications” in the drop down menu. Confirm that the checkbox to the right of the PLA (Public Library Association) group is checked.

What if I’m not a PLA member? Can I still participate?

Full access to Connect @ PLA is a benefit of PLA membership. Nonmembers and ALA members who have not joined PLA can “follow” Connect @ PLA and participate in discussions generated by public posts. Nonmembers must first join ALA Connect by registering a free account (you can use these instructions); ALA members already have an account in ALA Connect. Visit the PLA (Public Library Association) group at and click “Follow this group” in the right hand column.

Other Specialized Communities

PLA members have created three other, more specialized communities in ALA Connect you can elect to join: