Candidate for PLA President (2020–2021)

Manya Shorr

Candidate for PLA President (2020–2021) Manya Shorr


Manya Shorr's 21 years of work in public libraries (and five large urban library systems) is important not because of the length, but the depth. She has worked almost every single job in a library and that means that she understands the rhythm of work in a public library, the impact of the work staff do, and the ramifications of the decisions she makes. At their core, public libraries help create the social infrastructure in our communities and make our cities and counties better places to live.

Shorr lives with her husband and a menagerie of animals. In her spare time, she practices yoga and is an adjunct professor for two library schools. For more about her, visit

Personal Statement

“I'm a member of PLA because I believe strongly in the learning and growth that we all achieve when we are connected to a national network of our peers, especially through an individual membership organization that brings people from all levels and all sizes of libraries together. Top of mind for me is mentoring the next generation of library professionals and ensuring that we have an inclusive and diverse workforce that reflects our community. I truly believe that PLA brings us together as a profession and makes us stronger.”