Candidate for Director-at-Large

Meaghan O'Connor

Candidate for Director-at-Large Meaghan O'ConnorBiography

Meaghan O’Connor is the director of service design and engagement at the District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL), providing strategic oversight for library services across all 26 DCPL locations. In her five years at DCPL, O'Connor has worked on projects such as launching library service inside the DC Jail and implementing Books from Birth, an initiative that provides a free book every month to all District children younger than five years of age.

Prior to joining DCPL, O'Connor was a senior program officer at IREX, with responsibility for program strategy and management of Gates Foundation-funded Global Libraries programs in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. Through this unique professional experience, she supported the rapid evolution of library systems on a national scale and was able to see the incredible work public libraries are doing around the world.

O'Connor received her MLS from Simmons College and is an alumna of the ALA Emerging Leaders Program (2008) and the PLA Leadership Academy (2015). A Boston native, she has lived in the District for the past ten years. O'Connor can often be found zipping around the city on her bicycle, visiting DC’s excellent independent game and comic book stores, or reading with her second grader.

Personal Statement

“PLA has always impressed me as being an organization that is genuinely focused on the betterment of the profession, and that is effective in advancing that work. Last spring, I helped advocate for a platform within PLA through which the growing field of public library social workers could share their experience for the benefit of the profession. In a matter of months, PLA leadership had consulted with a group of social workers and even convened them to lay out a plan for disseminating best practices. As a director-at-large, I would be proud to advance work related to this and other critical issues in public librarianship."