Past PLA Conferences

Below is a list of past PLA Conferences, 1983 to present, including theme (if any), dates, location, and conference chair.

  • PLA 2016 Conference
    April 5–9, 2016, Denver, Colo.
    Conference Chair: Marcellus Turner

  • PLA 2014 Conference
    March 11–15, 2014, Indianapolis, Ind.
    Conference Chair: Larry Neal

  • PLA 2012 Conference
    March 13–17, 2012, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Conference Chair: Karen Danczak Lyons

  • PLA 2010: 13th National Conference
    March 23–27, 2010, Portland, Ore.
    Conference Co-Chairs: Elizabeth E. Bingham and Kay K. Runge

  • PLA 2008: 12th National Conference
    March 25–29, 2008, Minneapolis, Minn.
    Conference Chair: Raymond Santiago

  • PLA 2006: 11th National Conference
    March 21–25, 2006, Boston, Mass.
    Conference Chair: Toni Garvey

  • PLA 2004: 10th National Conference
    Feb 24–28, 2004, Seattle, Wash.
    Conference Chair: Clara Nalli Bohrer

  • PLA 2002: Ninth National Conference
    March 12–16, 2002, Phoenix, Ariz.
    Conference Chair: Christine Lind Hage

  • PLA 2000: Eighth National Conference
    March 28–April 1, 2000, Charlotte, N.C.
    Conference Chair: Fran C. Freimarck

  • PLA Seventh National Conference: Public Libraries: Vital, Valuable, Virtual
    March 10–14, 1998, Kansas City, Mo.
    Conference Chair: Sarah Long

  • PLA Sixth National Conference: Access for All: The Public Library Promise
    March 26–30, 1996, Portland, Ore.
    Conference Chair: June Garcia

  • PLA Fifth National Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration: New Ideas: A PLA Tradition
    March 22–26, 1994, Atlanta, Ga.
    Conference Chair: Susan Goldberg

  • PLA Fourth National Conference: Public Libraries: FYI
    March 20–23, 1991, San Diego, Calif.
    Conference Chair: Charles W. Robinson

  • PLA Third National Conference: Public Libraries: Bridges to the 21st Century
    April 27–30, 1988, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Conference Chair: Donald J. Sager

  • PLA Second National Conference: Public Libraries: Gateways to Growth
    April 2–5, 1986, St. Louis, Mo.
    Conference Chair: Pat Woodrum

  • PLA First National Conference: Serving People: Public Libraries Today and Tomorrow
    March 23–26, 1983, Baltimore, Md.
    Conference Chair: Charles W. Robinson