2014–2017 Director-at-Large

Manya Shorr

Candidate for ALA Division Councilor (Three-Year Term) Manya Shorr


Manya Shorr has spent half of her life working in libraries and at all levels. She is currently the Assistant Director, Community Programs and Services at Omaha Public Library (NE), where she is responsible for public service at 12 locations, as well as programming, outreach, partnerships, and special events. Although fairly new to association work at the national level, she has been busy. Currently, she is the chair of both the PLA Membership Advisory Group and the Emerging Leaders Interest Group Steering Committee; a member of the PLA Annual Conference Program Subcommittee and the PLA Upstart Innovation Award Jury; and a Community Representative for the Digital Public Library of America. Manya was honored to be one of Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers in 2010, an Emerging Leader in 2009, and an Emerging Leader mentor in 2013. She has also served on ALA’s Public Awareness Committee and the ALA School Libraries Task Force.

In addition to their two dogs and three cats, Manya and her husband foster beagles and basset hounds through a local rescue group. She also volunteers with a local refugee organization by purchasing food and home supplies for new American families. In the rest of her spare time, Manya loves to bake, run, and read.

Personal Statement

“I believe: • in always asking why something is being done a certain way • in using data to make things better • in speaking up and speaking my mind and asking the questions no one else wants to ask • in change, but for the right reasons • in working on our foundational problems and not just signing up for the next bright and shiny thing • that the local can help shape the national, and vice versa • in the power of PLA and the effect it can have on our communities and our profession.”