Using Twitter for Marketing and Outreach

This workshop will empower participants to build a consistent, effective library Twitter presence that creates value for library users and promotes the library, its resources, and its services. Twitter is a powerful tool that allows you to build community and reach out to people in real-time. Libraries can leverage Twitter to market themselves, gain a better understanding of their users, and provide service and support.

This workshop will show participants the benefits of a library Twitter presence as well as information and tips on how to successfully and efficiently manage that presence. They will learn how to build awareness of conversations and mentions of their library by creating a social media dashboard. (Dashboards allow you to create saved searches, schedule tweets, and manage multiple social networks, all of which save valuable time.)

Participants will also learn what types of content make for good tweets and which times are the best to post. Participants will learn about tools that provide metrics and data that can be used to measure success and improve effectiveness.


Learning Outcomes

After the workshop participants will be able to

  • Create a Twitter dashboard in order to build awareness and follow conversations
  • Schedule tweets in order to save time and maintain fresh content
  • Craft tweets that both market the library and create value for your audience
  • Use Twitter metric tools to measure and improve effectiveness


Andy Burkhardt is the Assistant Director at the Champlain College Library (winner of the 2012 ACRL Excellence Award) in Burlington, VT. His areas of expertise include technology in education, social media, and information literacy. He regularly presents on these topics at local, regional, and national conferences. He also writes on these topics for journals, magazines, and in his award-winning blog Information Tyrannosaur. Connect with him on Twitter: @vonburkhardt.


How to Register

Registration for this ALA TechSource Workshop is available on the ALA Store. Registration is available at both individual and group rates.