Young Adult Library Services Assn.

In this YALSA online course, find out how to go Beyond Booklists to serve today's teens, the most diverse generation ever. Participants will learn about available tools to help them identify the diverse teen populations in their service area and explore ways to design, implement and evaluate more in-depth services and programs for the diverse teen population and recent teen immigrants. Participants will also gain skills in addressing issues such as language barriers, cultural differences, and institutional support.
YeLL (YALSA e-Learning Library) is a collection of 40 archived webinars, accessible for free to all YALSA members, addressing topics such as programming, book selection, teen behavior, technology and teen services, summer reading, and teen spaces. New content is added to YeLL every month. These archived webinars are also available for purchase through ALA Online Learning Registration.
This course is designed for individuals who wish to develop a more critical lens while reading. Initially focusing on the basic elements of literature (including both fiction and nonfiction), it then broadens out to consider form and format (i.e., graphic novels, audiobooks) and related topics (i.e., multicultural books, blogging, reviews, resources, etc.).