Reference & User Services Assn.

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Librarians provide many services to their patrons that are instructional in nature, including: helping patrons at the reference desk, teaching information literacy classes, or developing educational programs. By understanding the essentials of learning design, librarians can better prepare the ways they communicate and plan the instructional experiences for patrons.
The business education is facing new trends in creating engaged and collegiate environment, enhancing data-driven decision making, developing new education models such as experiential learning, integrating new technology to support greater customization and specialization, and designing curriculums around the trending topics on corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship, leadership and globalization. How can business librarians respond to these trends and shift our roles to meet new challenges? This webinar will address these key questions and introduce some good practices in the field.
Self-PacedeCourseAttendance Cert.
Users expect the impossible. Xtreme Bibliographic Searching for reference and interlibrary loan will show you sources and techniques to make the impossible possible. Bad citations, international publications, unpublished works, extremely old and extremely new materials may not be lost causes for a skilled searcher with a few tricks and tools. This four-week class, taught by Christian Baich from IUPUI and Collette Mak from Notre Dame will take you from Mansel Pre 56 to Digital Repositories, DOAJ to Trove to HathiTrust. Don’t know those terms? This course is for you!