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Booklist’s free webinar series offers multiple programs each month. Booklist editors host leading practitioners, authors, and publishers’ representatives on a variety of topics, offering immediate tips, tools, resources, and new ideas for collection development and readers’-advisory work.

In this workshop Kate Tkacik, the noted Tumblarian of shhh! no running in the library!, will show how Tumblr’s built-in community of readers can help you spread the library love to a larger network.

Watch this free ALA TechSource hourlong webinar, Organization 2.0: Building the Participatory Library with John Blyberg and Meredith Farkas.

In two webcast sessions, Cliff Landis and Sarah Steiner will share details of how to assess, plan, and create internal documentation for your social media, so that your online presence will be easy to manage and on-target.
Please join us on Thursday, June 6th at 2pm Eastern for an exciting new episode of American Libraries Live, The 2013 ALA Annual Conference Exhibitor Preview.
Marshall Breeding will lead our expert panel in a discussion of how databases are changing and shaping the present and future of libraries. This interactive discussion will incorporate live audience questions and comments and cover a variety of topics.
In this eCourse, respected authority Weisburg will give school librarians concrete strategies for demonstrating and proving their worth through clear, focused leadership.
In this eCourse Nicole Hennig, former head of the user experience (UX) group for the MIT Libraries, will Provide guidance for integrating iPads into your library’s programs and services by facilitating demos of important titles from the most innovative publishers Offer benchmarks for evaluating book apps and writing reviews of them Lead you in conversation about book apps as you share your reviews with the class
In this new workshop, 2012 Library Journal Movers & Shakers Matthew Moyer and Andrew Coulon will show how your library can build a modern collection for a modern audience, with a close look at how physical and digital collections can complement each other.
In this new workshop, Krista Godfrey, Web Services Librarian at Memorial University of Newfoundland, will introduce you to the cloud, explaining how it works in straightforward terms librarians at every technical level can understand.
In this ALA Editions eCourse, Velásquez will present practical strategies for giving teens the lead in developing high-appeal collections and services. Through lectures, readings and interactive assignments, you will also learn how to draw from the insights of teens to create an online presence that is both relevant and effective. 
Jennifer Velásquez, Coordinator of Teen Services for the San Antonio Public Library System (TX), will offer practical strategies for giving teens the lead in developing high-appeal collections and services.
In this new workshop, Carrie Russell, best-selling copyright author and director of the American Library Association’s Program on Public Access to Information, will offer clear guidance on ways to legally provide materials to students by exploring scenarios often encountered by educators in schools.
As the Digital Learning Librarian at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Corey Wittig knows what it takes to build an effective, popular lab, and he’ll share his knowledge with you in this comprehensive, two-part workshop.
As the Digital Learning Librarian at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Corey Wittig knows what it takes to build an effective, popular lab, and he’ll share his knowledge with you in this comprehensive, two-part workshop.
The subject guide has been a valuable tool for school and academic librarians for decades, first as a print resource and more recently as web pages and web-based documents. In this ALA TechSource Workshop, Buffy Hamilton of The Unquiet Library will show how to revitalize the subject guide as a dynamic, customizable, social resource by integrating it into the web.
In this workshop, Brett W. Lear, author of "Adult Programs in the Library," will show you how to build programs that align with your library’s mission, priorities and service plan.
In this workshop, library safety and security expert Steve Albrecht will show you how you can deal with these problem patrons effectively, efficiently, and without creating major disruptions in your library environment. Library employees at all levels will learn strategies for dealing with such patrons and effectively diffusing challenging situations.
Lesley Ellen Harris, an intellectual property attorney, has trained libraries, museums, and corporations in copyright. In this 4-week eCourse, she will guide you step by step through developing a copyright education program for your staff and community.
Mirela Roncevic has been involved with e-books and e-readers since their emergence, and in this new eCourse she’ll give you the foundation you need to make e-books work for your library and your career.
Noted library gamer Kelly Czarnecki will be your guide in this eCourse loaded with activities for both novices and experienced participants, and generously illustrated with numerous video examples. You’ll learn the basic skills to get your teens started in designing, producing and telling their stories.
This workshop will you how you can gather data about their community to assess your patrons’ needs and desires and then use it to help guide library services. You’ll learn to combine staff expertise with concrete community data so your library can make decisions with a broader base of knowledge.
In those moments when a baby relaxes and cuddles in your lap as you read them a book, a wonderful thing is happening—that baby is learning that books contain words, pictures, and stories which are captivating. You can start teaching early literacy skills to babies before they can even speak!
In this workshop, Emily Puckett Rodgers and Meredith Kahn will provide you with tools, techniques and advice on how to successfully engage with emerging open publishing practices in your own library.
In this fun, informative workshop librarian and academic technology coordinator Sarah Ludwig looks closely at tech tools both new and old. She’ll give a guided tour of the possibilities and limitations of these tools, including:
In this introductory workshop, Jason Paul Michel, author of Web Service APIs and Libraries, will explain how APIs work, what’s involved in implementing them, and why they are important. 
In this workshop Patricia Tunstall, a former page who has also supervised shelvers, offers practical advice to help you do just that with a complete overview on how to hire, test, train, and retain shelvers.
Are you afraid a patron will stump you with an e-book question? Do you feel like you are struggling to keep your knowledge of your library’s eResources up to date? In this workshop’s two 90-minute sessions, Phil Spirito will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to assist your patrons, regardless of your level of technical expertise.
In this new workshop, Dan Freeman, Online Learning Manager for ALA TechSource and ALA Editions, will give you the information you need to run effective, productive webinars that fit your needs and budget. A veteran webinar planner and coordinator, Freeman will reveal the tricks to creating an interactive, dynamic, and flexible presentation.
In this workshop, online instruction expert Paul Signorelli joins Dan Freeman, ALA Publishing’s eLearning manager, to demonstrate how practical and effective teaching online can be, no matter your level of experience.
In this workshop Stephanie Gerding will show how to get started, offering pointers and techniques for becoming become an expert grant writer. You’ll learn the basic process of grant work, including where to look for funding sources and what key elements go into a great proposal.
Making your library’s website and resources more accessible to mobile devices like iPads and Smartphones is essential. But if you’re new to the mobile web, it can be hard to know where to start and what guidelines to follow. In this workshop, Bohyun Kim will show you how to understand the mobile web with an eye towards expanding your library’s mobile services.
Sue Polanka will provide practical guidance on how to begin purchasing eBooks for your library to lend electronically and how to purchase eReader devices for patron use.
In this two-part ALA TechSource workshop, Virginia Tech librarians Carolyn Meier and Heather Moorefield-Lang will share their experiences with a multifaceted program, guiding you step-by-step in building a tablet program, from choosing and purchasing tablets through deployment.
In this two-part ALA TechSource workshop, Virginia Tech librarians Rebecca Miller, Heather Moorefield-Lang, Carolyn Meier will share their experiences with a multifaceted program, guiding you step-by-step in building a tablet program, from choosing and purchasing tablets through deployment.
In this workshop, Chris Oliver, author of the best-selling "Introducing RDA," will give an overview of RDA and look at the key aspects that make RDA different from AACR2.
In this workshop, Chris Oliver, author of the best-selling Introducing RDA, will give an overview of RDA and look at the key aspects that make RDA different from AACR2. The workshop is designed to provide background for catalogers before they begin RDA training but will also serve as a refresher for those wanting to brush up on their understanding of RDA.
APIs open up a world of content to your library and get your vendor products working in unison. Without a basic knowledge of APIs, you can’t even be part of the conversation. Recognized as a Library Journal Mover and Shaker for “forward-thinking digital services,” Jason Paul Michel will get you started with the basics. By the end of the ecourse you will be writing PHP scripts to pull data from Twitter or the Digital Public Library. Instructor Jason Paul Michel’s ebook Web Service APIs and Libraries is free with your course purchase, and is rich with sample codes and project ideas.
In this first-of-its-kind eCourse, Virginia Tech librarians and gadget experts Rebecca Miller, Carolyn Meier and Heather Moorefield-Lang will show you what you need to know about these gadgets, from surveying the landscape of available products to purchasing and implementing these devices in your library.
Please join us on Thursday, May 9th for an exciting new episode of American Libraries Live—Library Learning Goes Online.
Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) is a hot trend in libraries, but if you’re not yet doing it, the prospect of launching a new initiative can seem intimidating. In this new workshop, Ben Hunter, Head of Cataloging and Collections at the University of Idaho Library, will show you how you can get going with PDA.
Instructor Magda El-Sherbini will monitor discussion boards regularly during the four-week period, lead group discussions, and will also answer individual questions.
This eCourse will guide you in writing useful, concise, legally-sound standards and guidelines for providing reference through social media. Simply establishing basic greeting, closing, and tone standards that reflect user expectations will significantly improve user satisfaction.
Join us for an overview of this exciting RA model, from start (getting administrative and staff buy-in) to finish (building forms and training staff members).
By using a form-based approach to Readers' Advisory, librarians can develop RA services that are more efficient and more responsive to patrons' needs. In this eCourse, you’ll go in-depth and learn all about this exciting RA model, from start (getting administrative and staff buy-in) to finish (building forms and training staff members).
In this workshop, Dr. Lesley Farmer will take you through the basics of autism, explaining the forms the condition can take and how diagnosed children tend to be unique.
Kathy MacMillan, librarian and certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, will guide you in making your library a welcoming place for deaf people.
In this first-of-its kind workshop, Meredith Farkas will explore the DIY mindset and ways to embed online instruction and live virtual reference help at patrons' points of need, whether online, in the library, or out in the world.
Starting with Course management system tools and citations lists, Buffy J. Hamilton will show you how to use free or inexpensive web-based tools to offer research instruction.
In this course, Joanna M. Burkhardt draws from her bestselling book Teaching Information Literacy: 50 Standards-Based Exercises for College Students to show you how to create challenging, engaging lessons and exercises that will give college students the foundation they need to distinguish between the easiest sources to find and the best sources to use. In addition to three weeks of facilitated discussion, readings and course exercises, all participants will receive an electronic copy of Joanna’s book.
Offering the use of a single interface for teaching information literacy, discovery tools free you from the cumbersome necessity of toggling back and forth between multiple screens. Instead you can focus on developing students’ skills with search terms and strategies, simultaneously training them how to use a critical eye while sifting through results.
Skilled web developers Polly-Alida Farrington and Amanda Goodman will guide you in applying WordPress tools and functionality to library content. You will learn the nuts and bolts of building a library website that is both user friendly and easy to maintain.
In this eCourse, librarian and Drupal expert Ken Varnum will guide participants in building an attractive, functional library website using Drupal.
In this weeklong workshop Jennifer LaGarde will show you how to engage with teens by “speaking their language,” using technology to connect with young adults on their own level. You’ll also learn how you can harness social media and mobile technology to build innovative library programming and instruction.
This workshop will empower participants to build a consistent, effective library Twitter presence that creates value for library users and promotes the library, its resources, and its services.
With the expert cataloging instruction of Cheryl Tarsala, you will gain a comprehensive grounding in Dewey Decimal Classification® principles and practice.
Diane Kovacs will show you how to design attractive, clear, and accessible webpages and give you the foundation for learning more.
In this workshop, digitization expert Susanne Caro will show you what you need to get started if you are new to digitization.