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A traditional Dewey arrangement of nonfiction collections works well for library staff, but is it the best method for your patrons to find what they need? Instructor Mary Rzepczynski, assistant library director at the Delta Township (Mich.) District Library, was inspired by a desire to improve service, increase access, and empower patrons while maintaining “findability.” She led her library in a charge to expand the Dewey for nonfiction collections and, in the first year, saw circulation in that area go up by 122 percent.
If your heart starts to palpitate at the thought of writing a marketing plan, this on-demand webinar will help ease the pain. You’ll learn which steps in a marketing plan are critical to success and get to know the difference between marketing, promotion, publicity, outreach, and public relations so that you can clearly communicate your goals. Find out how to combine market research, a target audience, customized messages, and strategic outreach into a knockout plan, all while incorporating your library’s special brand and importance to the community.
Come learn about an exciting and unique program developed by staff at Worthington (Ohio) Libraries to impact an often forgotten segment of the community—those suffering from memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Working with a senior center program director, Erin Buerk and Erin Kelsey developed a special program to expose the center residents to new technology and stimulate their minds and memory by playing games on library iPads. The successful effort was a great way to interact with a wonderful segment of the community so deserving of fun and engagement.
PLA Facebook Forums offer opportunities for Facebook users to discuss a specific topic with a guest “expert” and other users. They are free, one-hour, interactive events hosted on the PLA Facebook page. Bring your questions and ideas! There is no need to register.
Archived recordings of previous PLA webinars available 24/7 for viewing at your convenience. Available topics include administration/leadership, adult services, advocacy/marketing, collection development/readers' advisory, customer service/staff development, technology, and youth services.
Based on the management concepts delineated in PLA’s bestselling Results Series of publications, the Service Response Workbooks are intended to help library planners identify the many possibilities that exist for matching their services to the unique needs of their communities. These are not traditional online courses and there are no assignments or grades. Instead, they are self-directed online workbooks with tools to assess your current services in a specific area or topic and to identify what would be required to expand those services.
Think about the greatest bosses you’ve ever known. Hard to believe, but they all started as uncertain, unpolished new supervisors at some point. While it takes a certain type of person to become a great boss, it also takes something else along the way—help. Trust, support, mentoring, training, patience, and modeling are just some of the things new supervisors need to become successful. This two-part on-demand webinar series will outline just how to find that help and use it to achieve growth. Part I examines the basics of leadership and how it differs from task excellence.
Turning the Page 2.0 is a FREE library advocacy training course developed and presented by the Public Library Association (PLA) with generous support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
As free, public institutions, libraries welcome all. This founding principle is a wonderful quality; however it can also leave staff vulnerable to encountering difficult and sometimes dangerous individuals. This on-demand webinar discusses violence risk factors in terms of both customers and employees and helps enhance situational awareness skills. Learn about warning signs—verbal and non-verbal behaviors—of risk and potential aggression; as well as verbal diffusion strategies and actions to prepare for and react to active shooter incidents.
Reap the benefits of a well-weeded collection! This on-demand webinar discusses weeding techniques, collection management policies, and how to motivate reluctant weeders—all with sense of humor and encouragement from the pair behind the blog “Awful Library Books.” Participants will find joy in a shelf list that reflects a clean, relevant, and current collection!