Assn. of Specialized & Cooperative Library Agencies

This presentation approaches the topic of web accessibility as a way to maximize usability. In addition, it will make the argument that accessibility helps promote universal access for all users.
Latino communities continue to grow and we continue to puzzle over how to get this significant segment of our communities into the library. This webinar will introduce practical and simple techniques that libraries of all sizes can use to begin the process of making Latinos feel welcome and comfortable in the library. Participants will learn how to work with and challenge the language and cultural barriers that keep Latinos from using the library.
Knowing that recidivism is a chronic and persistent problem among youth who have been incarcerated our presentation will take a fresh and exciting look at methods and ideas that will help support the youth offender both inside the detention and upon the youth's release from the detention center.
Emotional Intelligence – maybe you’ve heard the term, but what in the world does it mean? The short answer is simply being intelligent about emotions – yours and others’. The longer – and much more interesting – answer will fascinate you.
How do young people learn about life behind bars? Books for children and young adults can portray how jail sentences impact individuals, their children, their parents and their community. In this course, we will read several juvenile books, that explore the prison experience. We will analyze the books and discuss age appropriate information that should be provided for youth. At the same time, we will look at statistics about who goes to jail and consider the role that libraries can play in assisting patrons dealing with these issues.
Library services to people with disabilities are provided by all levels of library staff. From the part-time aide charging out library materials to the library director determining policies, staff skills and attitudes are crucial for a satisfactory library experience.
Is your library a welcoming and empowering place for people with disabilities? Would you like to help improve library staff communication and interactions with people with disabilities? Have you been struggling to find good learning resources? If so, you’ll be happy to know that ASCLA is developing an online, interactive module on this topic.
Are you an employee? A manager? Do you have a spouse? Children? Friends? Acquaintances? Do you volunteer in an organization? Are you on committees? Do you ever deal with people in any context at all? Of course you do! This 3-part webinar series is an invaluable tool in understanding your own personality style, as well as understanding those with whom you interact.