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Join Amy Marshall for an engaging webinar on how even small libraries can create a huge impact on their communities. Serving as Director of the Craig Public Library, one of ten recipients of the 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, Amy and her staff were responsible for implementing programs and services that exemplified library outreach and created lasting connections between the library and its patrons. In this webinar, Amy will share strategies with participants that they can then immediately take back to their own libraries and communities and put into action!
Tweens are often the ones who slip between the cracks: not children and not quite young adults. This YALSA online course will focus on the developmental needs and interests of tweens and how we can best meet those needs and interests in terms of books, activities, and programming.
Join fellow Building Common Ground project directors and representatives from the Public Insight Network (PIN), a project of American Public Media, to learn about effective collaboration with public media organizations and how to use PIN resources to learn more about the needs of your community.
YALSA's Badges for Learning provide a new way for librarians and library workers to gain skills and demonstrate their expertise to employers. These badges are for any school or public library staff member working with teens. The lessons completed in order to earn a badge help staff gain the skills they need to successfully work with adolescents and provide a visual way to show what skills a particular staff member has gained.
Parents are faced with ever-expanding media options to share with their children, and many children’s librarians are beginning to incorporate apps and eBooks for young children into their collections and programming to satisfy the growing need for reader's advisory in the app space ("Appvisory"). This webinar will explore why and how incorporating digital media into our collections and programming is now an essential part of children’s librarianship, and tips and tricks for translating traditional storytelling techniques into the digital realm.
Jennifer Velásquez, Coordinator of Teen Services for the San Antonio Public Library System (TX), will offer practical strategies for giving teens the lead in developing high-appeal collections and services.
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The college application and decision processes represent a watershed moment, one that can be daunting and stressful for students. Wendy Stephens, a high school librarian, will share what she has learned in more than a decade of helping young people prepare for higher education, ranging from first-generation college students to those interested in highly competitive schools. From financial aid and scholarships to red flags, learn how you can help teens get in, get funded, and stay the course in post-secondary education.

In this YALSA e-course, participants will learn why teens need librarians to integrate technology into every aspect of service from homework help to readers' advisory to programming.

The first session of the four part Civic Engagement series introduces the topic of the series: public deliberation, a process used to engage contentious, difficult issues from diverse perspectives. The presentation is divided into three parts: "Why Now and Why Libraries?", "What is Deliberation?" and "Success Stories from the Field".
The second session of the four part Civic Engagement series gives participants and listeners a big picture view of what happens in a deliberative public forum and the various roles of forum leaders.