Self-PacedeCourseAttendance Cert.
In this new 4-week eCourse, you’ll learn how to administer and promote over 40 types of revenue-generating methods designed to help your organization attain a better financial position.
Why the Operating Agreement is important, how it is implemented and how everyone benefits. It is our hope that Member-Leaders will find this webcast informative.
Each library's budget is unique; however the importance of providing information about the budget is common across all libraries and is a critical factor in how the library is perceived by its constituents. This program will illustrate how one academic library informed librarians and teaching faculty about the budget realities in order to provide financial transparency and minimize concerns about budget decisions.
Self-PacedeCourseAttendance Cert.
This course is designed to familiarize the participant with the basic principles of library financial administration, including budgeting and planning within the mission and goals of the organization. Upon completion of the course the student will understand and be able to construct program, line item and capital budgets, understand the methodology involved in cost/benefit analysis, be able to read and decipher library financial and auditing documents, and work with library accounting personnel.
This course is not currently being offered as part of this year’s course schedule; however, for groups who have 20 or more individuals interested in taking the course, we can offer it exclusively to your organization! Participants in this course will learn a two pronged approach to building and growing a young adult services budget. Students will learn how to advocate for the YA budget to important library stakeholders, and students will learn how to gain financial support for teen services from grant-funded sources.
The ALCTS Board of Directors approved a three-year strategic plan at the 2015 ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. The new plan, similar in design to its 2011 predecessor, is not meant to encompass the whole of ALCTS activities, but rather those areas where increased focus is needed. This e-forum, hosted by the ALCTS Executive Committee, will allow attendees to ask questions about the plan, make suggestions for achieving its objectives, and offer ideas for additional areas where strategic focus should be placed.
In an age of dwindling budgets and rising expectations, librarians must constantly be on the lookout for inexpensive ways to improve their libraries. This webinar equips librarians with inventive strategies for enhancing their library’s atmosphere at minimal to no cost. The presentation recounts how—with the help of eager student volunteers— presenter Jennifer Holt was able to re-design, re-shelve, and reinvigorate Willoughby South High’s library to create an organized and aesthetically pleasing information commons.