Why the Operating Agreement is important, how it is implemented and how everyone benefits. It is our hope that Member-Leaders will find this webcast informative.
What is the most effective way to spend your e-book budget? Should you focus on popular items or create a comprehensive collection? Should you join a consortium to increase your library’s buying power? How do you find one? Can you start one in your area? Join Kathy Petlewski, electronic resources librarian at the Plymouth District (Mich.) Library, to get answers to these questions and more. Kathy shares ideas and tips for you to consider when making decisions about how to spend your library's e-book budget.
This course will cover understanding library funding, spending decisions, financial reports, and more.
In an age of dwindling budgets and rising expectations, librarians must constantly be on the lookout for inexpensive ways to improve their libraries. This webinar equips librarians with inventive strategies for enhancing their library’s atmosphere at minimal to no cost. The presentation recounts how—with the help of eager student volunteers— presenter Jennifer Holt was able to re-design, re-shelve, and reinvigorate Willoughby South High’s library to create an organized and aesthetically pleasing information commons.