To continue the conversation started at the Day of Diversity: Dialogue and Action in Children’s Literature and Library Programming event at the 2015 ALA Midwinter Meeting, the ALSC Board of Directors and ALSC President Ellen Riordan hosted an online Day of Diversity live chat on Tuesday, February 24, 2015.
This course is currently being offered as part of this year's course schedule. Please note: for groups who have 20 or more individuals interested in taking the course, we can also offer it exclusively to your organization! In this YALSA online course, find out how to go Beyond Booklists to serve today's teens, the most diverse generation ever.
FREE TO ALSC MEMBERS. "Building STEAM with Día: The Whys and Hows to Getting Started" with Amy Koester, Youth and Family Program Coordinator at Skokie Public Library.
Imagine that Joey Pigza came into your library. Would he feel welcome? How would you provide library service for him? A child with a disability may need an individual service plan, but many books or articles provide generalizations and all-encompassing descriptions. This course will take another approach.
Are you worried that your collection of books by/about Native peoples is in need of a 21st century update so that it accurately reflects Native peoples of the past and present? Are you concerned that your collection has too many biased depictions of them? In this webinar, Dr. Debbie Reese will offer tips and ideas to think about as you select and weed your collections.
Join Amita Lonial as she discusses cultural competence in the library: its definition, impact on behaviors, attitudes, and policies; and how essential it is for library staff to develop these skills in order to serve teens more effectively and work more collaboratively with fellow library staff.
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Public libraries across the country readily embrace their role as centers for democracy and civic participation. But what role should libraries play in advancing social justice and addressing persistent racial inequities? When it comes to community transformation, how can a social justice lens and racial equity tools guide us to be more engaged and inclusive at all levels of our work? Whether your community is a site of major political action or feels a million miles away from Ferguson or Baltimore, issues of current and historical injustice are present in your community every day.
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Celebrate GLBT Book Month this June by attending a webinar featuring Gayle E. Pitman, author of This Day in June. This Day in June, which won the 2015 ALA Stonewall Award, is one of the many GLBT books that are challenged and banned in schools and libraries. Censorship of GLBT materials is happening at libraries in every state and is often initiated by librarians themselves.
For the first time in American history, we have four different generations working and volunteering side by side. Discover the key characteristics of these four generations and explore new strategies for making the most out of age diversity. What motivates each generation? What types of recognition resonate with each generation? What strategies can you put in place to avoid conflict between generations? Leave the webinar with tools they can begin to use immediately to help bridge the work place generation gap.
Librarians are tasked with providing a wide variety of viewpoints and information. Sometimes there are conflicts with where and how children’s books are cataloged to accommodate what parents and caregivers feel is right for their children. How do we balance open access, accurate classification, and ease of use for all families without discrimination? Learn about a variety of the issues surrounding this topic as well as ways to help navigate them in your library.