Guides for Community Discussions: National Issues Forums (NIF) and Others

A one-hour webinar about issue books, videos, and other guides available to help librarians bring their communities together to talk in productive, civil, and interesting ways. A growing and diverse array of nonpartisan, non-agenda-driven materials about important public issues are available from the National Issues Forum Institute and other sources.

The presenters review and show examples of available materials; describe how these guides can support engaging library programs; and give examples of how librarians have used them in their communities. At the end of the webinar there was Q&A as well as suggestions and stories.

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Patty Dineen, National Issues Forum Institute
Carolyn Caywood, Center for Civic Life
Nancy Kranich, Center for Civic Life

Date(s) & Time(s)

November 05, 2013, 4–5:00 PM Eastern, 3–4 PM Central, 2–3 PM Mountain, 1–2 PM Pacific



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