Getting Babies into Books with Early Literacy Programs, An ALA Editions eCourse

In those moments when a baby relaxes and cuddles in your lap as you read them a book, a wonderful thing is happening—that baby is learning that books contain words, pictures, and stories which are captivating. You can start teaching early literacy skills to babies before they can even speak!

Whether you’re preparing programs for babies in your library or community center, teaching early literacy skills to daycare providers, or providing support to new parents in an outreach program, this eCourse is packed with practical tips that will make your work easier and more productive, as well as more fun and effective for babies and their caregivers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of baby programming for your audience
  • Be aware of the many different types and styles of programs for babies
  • Know how to plan a baby program from start to finish, including how to select the best books and music for baby programs
  • Know where to find resources to enhance your programs
  • Have practical strategies for dealing with the noise, the smell, and an uncooperative audience
  • Know the basics about baby brain research and early literacy skills


Kathy Kirchoefer has over ten years' experience shaking the "sillies" out of librarians at trainings and inspiring others to develop programs for babies and the grown-ups who love them. She started leading baby storytimes in 1998, and continues to introduce babies to the wonders of books, and their caregivers to all the bouncing, tickling, and cuddling that goes along with it. She currently heads the children’s department at a large suburban public library in Maryland.


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