Collection Development

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Booklist’s free webinar series offers multiple programs each month. Booklist editors host leading practitioners, authors, and publishers’ representatives on a variety of topics, offering immediate tips, tools, resources, and new ideas for collection development and readers’-advisory work.

YALSA's Badges for Learning provide a new way for librarians and library workers to gain skills and demonstrate their expertise to employers. These badges are for any school or public library staff member working with teens. The lessons completed in order to earn a badge help staff gain the skills they need to successfully work with adolescents and provide a visual way to show what skills a particular staff member has gained.
Each library's budget is unique; however the importance of providing information about the budget is common across all libraries and is a critical factor in how the library is perceived by its constituents. This program will illustrate how one academic library informed librarians and teaching faculty about the budget realities in order to provide financial transparency and minimize concerns about budget decisions.
Presenter Chelsea Condren will provide a working definition of the term diversity, strategies for understanding user demand and interest, and ways to ensure a collection is diverse while still meeting the needs of the population. Participants will receive a handout that outlines strategies for collection building/management, selection and weeding of diverse titles, as well as a list of recommended materials.
Attend the ALSC webinar, "C is for Common Core and Collection Development" with Kristen Remenar, Youth Services Librarian at Orion Township Public Library.
Drawing on lessons learned from hosting a digital initiative (i.e., institutional repository) in access services, this presentation will offer suggestions for how managers can do more with less and still take on new projects. The presentation will also touch on assessment of legacy practices, cross-department collaboration, and the value of offering staff opportunities for learning new skills. An ALCTS webcast.
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Join YALSA for a webinar that discusses untapped sources of digital content that you can take advantage of to increase the digital content in your collection. You’ll learn tips for vetting content, walk away with several new sources of information, and share your own go-to resources with fellow webinar participants.
Are you worried that your collection of books by/about Native peoples is in need of a 21st century update so that it accurately reflects Native peoples of the past and present? Are you concerned that your collection has too many biased depictions of them? In this webinar, Dr. Debbie Reese will offer tips and ideas to think about as you select and weed your collections.
Have we lost our ability to count? As school library collections become increasingly digital and less visible, school librarians will need to find new ways to evaluate their collections and demonstrate their value to stakeholders. Shelves bulging with books were never a clear measure of student access to those books and the ideas and information they contained. Today’s resources require new technologies and kinds of infrastructure that need to be counted along with the numbers of titles.
This hour-long session gives an overview of key concepts behind demand-driven acquisition, why and how to implement, and benefits to the library and the campus community. Will also give an understanding of the implications for the library collection. An ALCTS webinar--one of two parts.