ALA Committee on Research and Statistics

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Charge of Committee

To serve as an advisory committee for the Office for Research and Statistics.

Mission Statement

  • To facilitate research and related activities in all units of the Association, especially activities related to library statistics.
  • To advise the ALA Council and Executive Boards on programs, policy, and priorities regarding research and related activities.
  • To recommend procedures to achieve expeditious consideration of all ALA unit proposals for research and related activities by the ALA Executive Board.
  • To encourage the establishment of divisional committees for the purpose of stimulating research and statistics; to maintain liaisons with all units of the Association regarding research and related activities in the units.
  • To identify questions regarding library service which need to be answered through research and promote the conduct of research to answer those questions.
  • To review and make recommendations concerning national data collection efforts pertaining to libraries, recommending inclusions, definitions, procedures, and policies as appropriate.
  • To serve as a base committee for liaisons from other associations and groups with shared concerns about library statistics.

Annual Conference session

Program - 2013 Annual Conference

Who Uses Libraries and Who Doesn’t: A Special Typology

Monday, June 30 || 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Las Vegas Convention Center N243

Not only will Lee Rainie (Director, Pew Research Center’s Internet Project) discuss the Pew’s new national study about public library typology on Monday morning at the Committee on Research and Statistics' session - he will also reveal exciting news designed to help libraries to better understand their users on a local level.

The program, Who Uses Libraries and Who Doesn’t: A Special Typology, will start at 10:30 AM on June 30 in Las Vegas Convention Center N243.

Pew's study looked to help define what kinds of people are engaged with the public library, segmenting them into "types". These groupings, which include "Library Lovers", "Print Traditionalists" and "Distant Admirers among nine categories, help define why certain people use libraries - and others do not.

"We are excited to have Lee Rainie share the findings of Pew's new study for the CORS Annual Conference session," said CORS chair Linda Hofschire. "This will be a great opportunity for librarians to gain a better understanding of the types of people who use their libraries, and how they can use this information strategically for planning, promotion, and advocacy efforts."

Archived webinars

Altmetrics Are Here: Are You Ready to Help Your Faculty?

This webinar, brought to you by ALA's Committee on Research and Statistics, offered an essential primer on altmetrics - new measures of how scholarship is shared, saved, consumed, and commented upon online - and offered specific steps librarians can take to educate and support cutting-edge faculty on their campus.

Presenter: Stacy Konkiel


Seeing is Believing: Understanding Data Visualization for Library Research

A free webinar sponsored by the ALA Committee on Research and Statistics that provided an overview of best practices in the graphical presentation of quantitative information, emphasizing the need for clarity, fairness, accuracy, and visual efficiency.

Presenter: Ray Lyons


Linda Hofschire, Interim Chair 2013-2014
Kathy Rosa, Staff Liaison,