Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom

The Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom is the only journal that reports attempts to remove materials from school and library shelves across the country. The NIF is the source for the latest information on intellectual freedom issues. Published bi-monthly by the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the American Library Association, each  issue (Jan., March, May, July, Sept., Nov.) includes:

  • “Censorship Dateline”: provides a state-by-state survey of challenges, bannings, and burnings
  • “From the Bench” and “Is It Legal?”: list important developments in federal and state laws affecting librarians, teachers, students, authors, journalists, and artists.
  • The “Intellectual Freedom Bibliography”: a guide to current articles and books, from all points of view, on freedom of expression in America.

In March 2012, the NIF became an all-digital publication. Our digital platform, MetaPress, will provide subscribers with an electronic version of NIF with the option to download and print out a copy of the newsletter.


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