Select Testimonies to the Child Online Protection Act Commission

The COPA Commission is a congressionally appointed panel mandated by the Child Online Protection Act. It was created to “identify technological or other methods that will help reduce access by minors to material that is harmful to minors on the Internet.” The following are selected testimonies to the COPA Commission. The complete testimonies are available on the COPA Commission's website.

Hearing Held June 8–9, 2000

Legal and Policy Implications of “Cyberzoning”
By Robert Corn-Revere.

Privacy Implications of Age Verification Technologies
By David Sobel, Electronic Privacy Information Center

Implications of Top-level Domain for Materials Harmful to Minors
By Jonathan Weinberg

Hearing Held July 20–21, 2000

Internet Filtering, Labeling, and Rating Technologies
By Christopher Hunter

Internet Content Filtering in Libraries: The Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job, By Karen Schneider

Public Access to the Internet in Virginia Beach, By Carolyn Caywood

Hearing Held August 3–4, 2000

By Judith F. Krug, director, American Library Association/Office for Intellectual Freedom

By Bennett Haselton, founder, Peacefire

Choosing to Avoid the Not-so-good Cyberstreets
By Nancy Willard, director, Responsible Netizon

Legal Issues Related to the Use of Filtering Software in Schools
By Nancy Willard, director, Responsible Netizon

District Internet Policy and Regulations
By Nancy Willard, director, Responsible Netizon