ALA Representation on IFLA Standing Committees

ALA Units and IFLA Sections

To assure that highly qualified candidates represent ALA on IFLA section standing committees the following units are asked to bring forward nominations for ALA representatives. Once selected to serve on IFLA committees the representatives should report back to the units, with copies to the International Relations Office, on activities within the IFLA section.

Current ALA Representatives to IFLA Standing Committees
Standing committee ALA representative Term
Academic and General Research Libraries No Representative  
Acquisition and Collection Development Sha Li Zhang, UNC Greensboro 2011-2015, 2nd term
Art Libraries Edward Teague, University of Oregon 2011-2015, 2nd term
  Danielle De Jaeger-Loftus, University of South Dakota 2013-2017
Audiovisual and Multimedia Michael Miller, Bronx Community College of The City University of New York 2013-2017, 2nd term
  Howard Besser, NYU 2011-2015, 2nd term
Bibliography Glenn Patton, OCLC Library 2011-2015, 2nd term
Cataloguing Robert Bothman, Minnesota State University 2013-2017
Classification & Indexing John DeSantis, Darthmouth 2011-2015
  George Praeger, New York University Law School Library 2013-2017
Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Cindy Lombardo, Cleveland Public Library 2013-2017
  Loida Garcia-Febo, Information New Wave 2011-2015
Document Delivery & Resource Sharing Robert Seal, Loyola University 2011-2015, 2nd term
Education and Training Clara Chu, University of California-Los Angeles 2013-2017, 2nd term
Genealogy and Local History Section No Representative  
Government Information and Official Publications Jim Church, University of California 2011-2015
  Geoffrey Swindells, Northwestern University Library 2013-2017
Government Libraries Beacher Wiggins, LC 2011-2015
Health and BioSciences Libraries No Representative  
Information Literacy Lisa Jancke Hinchliffe, University of Illinois 2011-2015
Information Technology Frank Cervone, Northwestern 2011-2015, 2nd term
Knowledge Management Eva Semertzaki, Bank of Greece, Library 2013-2017
Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Mike Marlin, California State Library  2013-2017
Libraries for Children and Young Adults Barbara Genco 2011-2015, 2nd term
Library Services to People with Special Needs Veronica Stevenson-Moudamane 2011-2015
  Nancy Bolt, Nancy Bolt & Associates 2013-2017
Library Buildings & Equipment Jeff Scherer, Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle 2011-2015
Library and Research Services for Parliaments No Representative  
Library Services to Multicultural Populations Tess Tobin, NYCC Tech 2011-2015, 2nd term
  Stephen Stratton, CSU-Channel Islands 2013-2017. 2nd term
Library Theory & Research Lynn Connaway, OCLC 2011-2015, 2nd term
Literacy & Reading  Linda Pavonetti, Oakland University 2011-2015
  Maureen White, University of Houston-Clear Lake 2013-2017
Management and Marketing No Representative  
Management of Library Associations Michael Dowling, American Library Association 2011-2015
Metropolitan Libraries Siobhan Reardon, Free Library of Philadelphia 2013-2017
National Libraries No Representative  
Newspapers Sue Kellerman, Penn State 2011-2015, 2nd term
Preservation and Conservation Julie Arnott, University of Notre Dame 2011-2015
  Becky Ryder, Keeneland Library 2013-2017
Public Libraries Raymond Santiago, Miami-Date Public Library 2011-2015

Corinne Hill,  Chattanooga Public Library

Rare Books and Manuscripts Edwin Schroeder, Yale University 2013-2017, 2nd term
Reference and Information Services Julie Edwards, University of Montana 2013-2017
School Libraries Karen Gavigan, University of South Carolina 2013-2017
Science and Technology Libraries Carol Ann Feltes, Rockefeller University 2013-2017
  Martin Kesselman, Rugers 2011-2015
Serials and Other Continuing Resources Paul Hover, Virginia Tech 2011-2015
  Margaret V. Mering, University of Nebraska Lincoln 2013-2017, 2nd term
Social Science Libraries Deborah Cheney, Penn State University 2011-2015
  Jennifer Ward, University of Alaska Southeast 2013-2017
Statistics and Evaluations Rebecca Vargha, University of North Carolina 2011-2015


Standing Committees and ALA Units Responsible for Nominating Representatives
Standing Committee ALA Unit
Academic and Research Libraries ACRL
Acquisition & Collection Development ALCTS
Art Libraries ACRL
Audiovisual & Multimedia VRT
Bibliography ALCTS
Cataloguing ALCTS
Classification & Indexing ALCTS
Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning HRDR
Document Delivery & Resource Sharing RUSA
Education & Training COE
Genealogy and Local History RUSA
Geography & Maps Libraries MAGERT
Government Information & Official Publications GODORT
Government Libraries FLRT
Health Biosciences Libraries IRC
Information Literacy ACRL/AASL
Information Technology LITA
Knowledge Management ALCTS

Libraries for Children and Young Adults

Libraries Services Persons with Print Disabilities ASCLA
Library Services to People with Special Needs OLOS
Library Buildings & Equipment LLAMA
Library & Research Services for Parliaments ASCLA
Library Services to Multicultural Populations EMIERT
Library Theory & Research LRRT
Literacy and Reading  ALSC
Management & Marketing LLAMA
Management of Library Associations IRC
Metropolitan Libraries PLA
National Libraries IRC
Newspapers ALCTS
Preservation & Conservation ALCTS
Public Libraries PLA
Rare Books & Manuscripts ACRL
Reference & Information Services RUSA
School Libraries AASL
Science & Technology Libraries ACRL
Serials and Other Continuing Resources ALCTS
Social Science Libraries ACRL
Statistics and Evaluations CORS




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