Finance & Accounting

40 E. Huron Street (mailing address is 50 E. Huron)
Chicago, IL 60611-2795
Toll free 800-545-2433 | Direct line 312-944-6780 | Fax 312-280-5272


The Finance and Accounting Department’s mission includes safeguarding and growing the Association’s assets, establishing and maintaining a functioning set of policies and procedures, while ensuring compliance to audit and generally accepted accounting principles and ethical standards.


  • Managing all receipts and disbursements for the Association
  • Financial reporting to staff and oversight bodies
  • Budget preparation
  • Managing annual audit
  • Preparing annual taxes, and other governental filings
  • Reporting to granting agencies


Gregory L. Calloway, Associate Executive Director
Ext. 3209

Denise Moritz, Director of Financial Reporting and Compliance
Ext. 5834

Joanne Lee, Controller
Ext. 4254

Brad Geene, Director, Budgeting & Planning
Ext. 4253

Keith D. Brown, Senior Financial Analyst
Ext. 4255

John McGovern, Manager, Credit & Collections
Ext. 4265

Jennifer Tam, Manager, Accounting
Ext. 4237

Abdullah Ali, Manager, A/P and Payroll
Ext. 4238

John Cuculich, Financial Systems Analyst
Ext. 4262