Finance & Accounting

40 E. Huron Street (mailing address is 50 E. Huron)
Chicago, IL 60611-2795
Toll free 800-545-2433 | Direct line 312-944-6780 | Fax 312-280-5272


The Finance and Accounting Department’s mission includes safeguarding and growing the Association’s assets, establishing and maintaining a functioning set of policies and procedures, while ensuring compliance to audit and generally accepted accounting principles and ethical standards.


  • Managing all receipts and disbursements for the Association
  • Financial reporting to staff and oversight bodies
  • Budget preparation
  • Managing annual audit
  • Preparing annual taxes, and other governental filings
  • Reporting to granting agencies


Gregory L. Calloway, Associate Executive Director
Ext. 3209

Elaine Klimek, Senior Administrative Assistant (Department contact)
Ext. 3208

Russell Swedowski, Controller
Ext. 4253

Sandra Lee, Director, Planning & Budgeting
Ext. 4229

Joanne Pak, Assistant Controller
Ext. 4254

Keith D. Brown, Senior Financial Analyst
Ext. 4255

John McGovern, Manager, Credit & Collections
Ext. 4265

Jennifer Tam, Manager, Accounting
Ext. 4237

Abdullah Ali, Manager, A/P and Payroll
Ext. 4261

John Cuculich, Financial Systems Analyst
Ext. 4262