William R. Gordon


I have enjoyed my career as a librarian, and my involvement with ALA has brought me a great deal of professional pleasure.  It is important to me to give back to the Association. I feel that I can do the most good by supporting minority participation.  Over the years, I have contributed funds to endow a scholarship to support minority students as they pursue graduate degrees in library and information science.  Through my estate, I am proud to designate additional support to this endowed Spectrum Scholarship.

--William R. Gordon, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society


Betty Turock


In librarianship, I found a career that I could dedicate my life to.  In order to open this profession to others, my family and I created the Betty J. Turock Spectrum Scholarship, a part of the Spectrum Scholarship Program.  The Spectrum Scholarship Program was created to increase diversity in librarianship.  Greater diversity is not a social or moral question, it is necessary for the growth and progress of the library profession.

--Betty Turock, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society


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