Carse McDaniel


My planned gift to the American Library Association is a way for me express my gratitude to an organization which has long been an advocate for intellectual freedom, equal rights, and the availability of reading and other learning materials to all.   By supporting the GLBTRT Book Award Endowment, I recognize the need for more and better information available in libraries to queer and questioning youth and to all readers in search of information about various sexual identities.

-Carse McDaniel, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society


John Mitchell


My goals and professional development within the librarian ranks have continually been fostered with years of membership in ALA and involvment with GLBT advocacy. It is hoped that my financial gift will insure future librarians a vibrant professional organization that combats censorship of any kind. In addition to my verbal expression of gratitude, I wanted to take the added step of making a financial contribution to further the vital mission of the Book Award Committee of the GLBTRT.

--John N. Mitchell, Charter Member of the ALA Legacy Society


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