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Kurt Sanford, CEO

In 1938, ProQuest began a partnership with libraries to connect individuals to the world’s knowledge: the great books, articles, ideas, and news destined to spark new wisdom and action.  Over the years, we have evolved together through changing technologies, fluctuating economies, and end-user vagaries. We’ve watched information rise to cloud-level and collections float beyond walls.  And here we are… still partners in our joint goal of connecting people with authoritative information that can illuminate, educate and excite.

At ProQuest, we relish this partnership with libraries and librarians. You inspire our work and we seek to give back in ways that sustain and strengthen yours.   We invest in library education, recognize the great educators who enthuse the next generation of librarians, and support MLS programs with free resources. We share with libraries our marketing expertise and our end-user research, so that we continue to travel together as we lead others along the path to their most relevant information.

If we’re being measured by the company we keep, we are truly honored to be called Library Champions.

Founded: 1938

Contact: Jaclyn Lebert