NMRT President's Program Committee 2016-2017

Committee Charge

The NMRT President's Program committee plans, coordinates and delivers a program for the ALA Annual Meeting.

History of the Committee

The NMRT President's Program committee was created in 1983.

NMRT President’s Program 2016

“What’s a Millennial to Do? Learning to Thrive in a Multi-Generational Workplace"
Friday, June 24 from 9am to 12pm.

Are you a millennial struggling to find your place in your institution? In this interactive pre-conference, a panel of speakers will explore ways to succeed as an emerging professional. Topics will include disrupting the institutional status quo, effective communication and marketing strategies, collaborating with multi-generational colleagues, deconstructing and transcending generational stereotypes, and learning to leverage your unique skills sets to implement change and improve your library, and the profession.

Our dynamic panel of presenters includes Henrietta Verma (Senior Editorial Communications Specialist at the National Information Standards Organization [NISO] and a former reviews editor at Library Journal and School Library Journal), Cynthia Mari Orozco (Student Services Librarian at California Sate Library, creator of LIS Microaggressions), and Sarah Houghton (Director of the San Rafael Public Library [California], Librarian In Black). These three knowledgeable librarians will share their expertise as well as practical advice on how you can navigate your position while ensuring that your voice is heard. Each panelist will present her information, host a brief Q&A session, and then work with participants in smaller breakout groups, focusing on developing skills and solving workplace challenges.

Please join us on Friday, June 24, from 9am - 12pm to learn about how to leverage your unique skills and disrupt the status quo at your institution while forming inter-generational relationships with your co-workers from these expert panelists. This session is a wonderful opportunity to learn from some leading librarians. We hope to see you there!

To Register:

Access the ALA Annual Conference registration materials to submit your registration. The preconference code is NMR1.


Committee Members:

Co-Chair: Alisha Taylor (alisha@archivalist.net)

Co-Chair: Amelia Zavala Vander Heide (amelia.vanderheide@yahoo.com)

Anjelica T. Rufus-Barnes (rufuanje@my.dom.edu)

Veronica Leigh Milliner (vmilliner@gmail.com)

Jenise R. Overmier (E152 jrovermier@gmail.com)

Leah Paige Plocharczyk (lplochar@fau.edu)

Abigail Leigh Phillips (abigail.leighphillips@gmail.com)