2015-2016 Online Discussion Forum

Greetings NMRT'ers!  Since 2005 we have been offering an Online Discussion Forum so that those who are unable to attend the Midwinter and Annual Meetings can discuss and interact with fellow NMRT members. However, since those beginning days, the committee has developed beyond just providing a vehicle for non-conference attendees to connect; we're also a portal for members (both new and seasoned) to share their concerns, professional strategies, and advice.  We will hold monthly discussions on the NMRT-L e-mail list, October - May. We will also be hosting some live chats. Topics are listed below. Summaries will be posted here as the discussions happen.

2015-2016 Topic Schedule:



  • Challenges or obstacles people face with providing a service or a resource that may be non-traditional, and what they did to work around that challenge.
  • Live Chat: Free MOOCs and their place (if they have one) in continuing LIS education


  • Ways that different library departments are collaborating to learn from each other and to make us all more knowledgeable about our collections so we can better serve our readers.


  • Dealing with "we-already-tried that" and "that-will-never-work" essentially, colleagues who are not interested in, or actively hostile to, new ideas on the job
  • Live Chat: Staff Training: Effective training for new staff members is essential to the success of employees and continuing efficient library operations.


  • Unemployment and underemployment in librarianship


  • While MLS programs tend to focus on paid databases, not every library has the resources to subscribe to these. What are some of your go-to free reference resources? What 3 free resources do you think every librarian should have bookmarked to answer questions?
  • Live Chat: Waiting to Exhale: What To Do While You Job Search


  • Programs/activities that invite people to have “disruptive fun” in the library, i.e. games during exam week, exercise classes in the library, library raves, etc.


  • How to gain "special" skills within a particular setting
  • Live Chat: A Dying Profession: The Library in the Information Age


2015-2016 Committee Roster

Chair: Leigh Milligan, leigh.milligan@gmail.com

Committee Members
Aisha Conner-Gaten, aconner3@illinois.edu
Elizabeth McKinstry, emckinstry@gmail.com
Annice Sevett, asevett@gmail.com
Maggie Cusick, cusick.maggie@gmail.com
Hillary Richardson, HRichardson@library.msstate.edu
Peter Brunette, pbrunette@baypath.edu