Liaison Coordination & Support Committee 2014-2015

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Committee Charge

The Liaison Coordination and Support (LC&S) Committee is responsible for the Liaison Program. Liaisons provide a method of outreach from New Members Round Table (NMRT) to other American Library Association (ALA) divisions, round tables, and units, as well as other library associated organization to promote attendance and participation in programs, discussion forums, events and committees. The LC&S chair and assistant chair appoint liaisons every year. Check our entry in the NMRT Handbook for more information.

Committee Members

Alyssa Hislop, Chair (
Liz Johns, Assistant Chair (

Sara Margaret Rizzo
Kelly Riddle
Bianna Ine Ryan
Charissa Brammer
Jennifer Wright
Jocelyn Boice
Nicole R. Tekulve
Sean Davis
Patti Sherbaniuk
Jennifer French
Anita Dryden
Stephanie Santiful
Sarah Brown

Links for Liaisons

Interested in being a liaison? Sign up here.

NMRT Liaisons Program: Best Practices (Word 2007 document, 14KB)